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Innovating to Overcome Humanitarian Crisis

The GOAL Programme Innovation Lab, GOAL Lab, is a dynamic and collaborative unit established by GOAL to foster innovation within GOAL’s programmes and to promote this work internally and with the wider development and humanitarian community.

The GOAL Lab is an open space that facilitates collaboration and partnership between innovation champions inside GOAL and key strategic external partners.


Global Health

GOAL works on building resilient public and community health systems that not only respond to the needs of the communities they serve but also address the underlying causes of poor health outcomes.

In resilient health, we contribute to strengthening crisis-affected health systems through analysis, partnership and preparedness, emphasising WASH, maternal and child health, including nutrition.



GOAL believes that Resilience is not a sector, nor a mainstreaming issue. Instead it is a strategic approach for improving development processes, based on a strong contextual analysis, a dynamic understanding of community attributes and capacities, and an adaptive management of interventions.

GOAL recognises that resilience must be built in different levels of society, from an individual, household, organisational, community, national and international level, including all the socio-economic and/or socio-ecological systems that make up the enabling environmental, social and governance context.

A systems perspective encourages us to understand the complexity of the social networks that surround us, as well as the interactions and interdependencies that exist between them. The deeper our understanding of these dynamics, the better our programming will be at addressing root causes of exclusion, inequality and poverty rather than addressing symptoms alone.


Fragile & Conflict-affected Contexts

GOAL understands how we act and live as individuals and communities can impact vulnerable communities living in fragile and conflict-affected settings. We will actively work to build links between the voices and experiences of people in crisis and young people, communities and decision-makers in Ireland and internationally through public engagement, global citizenship reeducation and influencing activities.

In humanitarian response, we are an early responder enabling access to life-saving emergency relief, while partnering with protection experts to ensure we do no harm. GOAL is committed to expanding its institutional readiness to respond while also investing in an emergency network of partners to better respond to existing and future humanitarian crises.


Fragile & Conflict-affected Contexts Resources

Food & Nutrition Security

In food and nutrition security, we work to ensure communities can access and consume nutritious food.

We do this by supporting climate-smart, nutritionally rich food production in sustainable and equitable market systems, developing skills to stimulate incomes that support the consumption of adequate diets, and where required, by providing safety net nutrition programming for households in extreme vulnerability.


Food Nutrition & Security Resources

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