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Innovating to Overcome Humanitarian Crisis

The GOAL Programme Innovation Lab, GOAL Lab, is a dynamic and collaborative unit established by GOAL to foster innovation within GOAL’s programmes and to promote this work both internally and externally with the wider development and humanitarian community.

The GOAL Lab is an open space that facilitates collaboration and partnership between innovation champions inside GOAL and key strategic external partners.

From Crisis to Resilience

The innovative series explores the emerging lessons, innovations and best practices for building resilience in the most challenging of environments - fragile and conflict affected contexts. 

Learning and investing in resilience at various stages, and within critical socio-economic systems, is crucial to ensuring the preservation of gains in the well-being and development of people in the face of shocks, and to shift from humanitarian assistance towards long term resilient development. 

In 2022 the webinar series explored 'Localisation for Resilient Health Systems' and 'Inclusive Early Warning and Response Systems.'

GOAL's From Crisis to Resilience webinar series will return in 2023. Sign up to our mailing list and be the first to hear more.

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