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One of the largest humanitarian actors in Northern Syria, GOAL has supported conflict-affected people here since 2012. Last year, 450 staff managed an operating budget of €48M - reaching more than 750,000 people every month with life-saving interventions. Whilst GOAL's main operations are in Idleb Governate, work expanded into the North Aleppo Governorate (A’zaz District) in late 2018. Programmes include Emergency Response, Resilient Health, Food & Nutrition Security.
Operations are supported by senior management in Jordan, Turkey and Dublin.

What we do in Syria

Emergency Response
Resilient Health
Food & Nutrition Security

Mobilising emergency response in Northern Syria

GOAL’s programming is provided through the North Syria Response Facility (NSRF) - an emergency response mechanism managed in partnership between GOAL and the Big Heart Foundation. Together we provide rapid, life-saving assistance to people in Idleb, Hama and North Aleppo. Between 2015 and October 2018, the NSRF launched over 50 responses to reach 840,000 people with emergency cash, food and non-food items.

In delivering its operations in Syria, GOAL takes the risk of diverted assistance very seriously. We have a number of mitigation strategies to combat this. In the event of interference GOAL may choose to suspend its operations if unhindered access to beneficiary communities cannot be secured.

Rehabilitating essential WASH infrastructures

Resilient Health in Syria continues to focus on WASH activity. This sees GOAL support the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of water infrastructures in Idleb Govenorate, where our programme provides more than 50% of sustained water access. Delivered through 65 GOAL-supported water stations, 10 million litres is pumped every year. This gives an estimated 780,000 people access to clean, piped drinking water. 

GOAL is also working to provide hygiene support in camps for internally displaced people in North Aleppo. Looking to the future, we are committed to improving service quality, increasing community ownership and reducing reliance on external funding for such initiatives

Vouchers, food kits and stabilised prices for conflict affected communities

GOAL is the one of the largest providers of food security responses in Northern Syria. Focused in Idleb, Aleppo and Hama Governates, we work to assess the vulnerability of displaced and host communities, carrying out 100% verification to deliver aid (including vouchers and food kits) to 250,000 of region’s most vulnerable people every month.

GOAL’s programming also addresses persistent food insecurity. This sees us providing up to 50% of the inputs needed (flour and yeast) to support local bakeries in Idleb, Hama and Aleppo – an intervention that ensures bread is available at reduced stabilised prices for more than 490,000 people every day. 

Our achievements

  • GOAL has grown to become one of the largest providers of humanitarian assistance in Northern Syria.
  • Reached over 840,000 people with cash, food and non-food assistance through the North Syria Response Facility (NSRF).
  • Helped more than 780,000 people access clean piped water, with over 10 million litres pumped annually.
  • Improved food security for over 250,000 people in 2018.

Our story in numbers


GOAL Syria begins


Operating budget in 2018


Staff across Northern Syria


People reached in 2018