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Tax Effective Giving

Make your gift travel even further with GOAL

Did you know that you could grow your gift by 45% and it won't cost a cent more? Give over €250 in any given year
and you could claim tax relief on your donation. It won't affect your tax status and only takes a minute! 

How it all works...

Thanks to new legislation it is easy to make your gift tax effective. Ireland's scheme allows charities like GOAL to claim 45% in tax relief on donations totaling more than €250 in a given financial year. To claim tax relief simply complete your Enduring Certificate (CHY3) and send it back to GOAL. We'll do the rest!

Your Enduring Certificate (CHY3) is valid for five years. It does not commit you to paying anything extra. It simply gives us the evidence we need to claim tax relief on your donation.

It only takes a minute to complete your form. These 60 seconds will add another 44.93% to your donation, turning a gift of €250 into €362.35. We will
use this money to help make sure that vulnerable communities are given the support they need to withstand crisis situations, build resilience, health, food security and livelihoods for the future.

Please return your completed form to the following address:

PO Box 19
Dun Laoghaire

Thank you!

How your tax could help

GOAL believes in a world where poverty no longer exists, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to well-being are removed and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. We currently work in 13 countries across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Last year, we mobilised more than five million emergency responses, with our team bringing life-changing support to men, women and children throughout the world.

From Emergency Response in Syria, to Resilient Health in Haiti, Food & Nutrition Security in Niger and Sustainable Livelihoods in Ethiopia. Tax effective giving keeps GOAL's work moving forward day-in and day-out.

Click here to find out more about GOAL's work in action.


Making a difference to children like Abdi

Tax relief is used to support projects like GOAL's child protection programme for street children in Ethiopia. Drop-in and rehabilitation centres provide access to basic services including sanitation, education, counselling and recreational activities. Vocational training then helps get vulnerable young people back into formal education and employment. 

It is a life-line for people like Abdi Kebede, who found himself living on the streets when he was just 16 years old. Vulnerable and scared, it is thanks to people like you that Abdi was given the support and guidance he needed to turn his life around.

Click here to read Abdi's story in full.

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