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Annual Reports

Supporting the World's Most Vulnerable Communities

In 2022, with the support of our generous donors, partners, and supporters, GOAL teams reached 14.6 million people in 14 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Ukraine through our emergency response, resilient health, food and nutrition security and sustainable livelihood programmes, among others.

2022 marked another year of crisis, conflict, displacement, and in some cases, extreme hunger, across the Global South. Indeed, at times, the year has been characterised by a deadly mix of crises, each as complex and convulsing as the next.

Siobhan Walsh, CEO, GOAL Global


Annual Report 2022: From Crisis to Resilience

Humanitarian crises are increasing in number, magnitude, and complexity across the globe. In our global interconnected world, shocks in one corner can ripple across the globe. They can often worsen crises elsewhere by triggering conflict, displacement and spirals of negative coping behaviours. Never has GOAL’s work been more relevant.

The complexity of our working environment is changing rapidly, but GOAL remains resolute in its desire to carry out life-changing work. We are driven by our vision for a world where poverty no longer exists; where vulnerable communities exposed to shock and stresses are resilient; where barriers to well-being are removed, and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

The international community is increasingly recognising that more must be done, to move vulnerable populations exposed to disaster hazards, particularly those living in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, beyond humanitarian crisis and to achieve greater resilience. Key to this is strengthening local capacities by stabilising and supporting local systems and populations to move from crisis to survival and onto greater resilience.

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