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How to participate - 3 easy steps!


26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.


Register now to get your t-shirt and fundraising page and make your personal pledge to complete a GOAL Mile this Christmas.


26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.

Share your mile

Share your challenge and ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you and go the extra mile to help the world’s most vulnerable people this Christmas.

You could ask for a donation as your Christmas present!


26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.


Get out and walk or run your GOAL Mile(s) from the 24th – 26th of December, or whatever day and time suits you best over the Christmas period.

Share your images online with #GOALMILE and #RunApartStandTogether and smile with the mile to help those who need it most.


Once you register you will receive an email from Just Giving with details of your page. Make sure you claim your page in order to activate it and gain access to exclusive GOAL Mile goodies!

Just Giving makes fundraising super easy and there’s plenty of way of great ways to help boost your fundraising profile!

1. Personalise your page

There are a few great ways to personalise your page and put a face to the fundraiser.

Start by uploading a profile picture, then tell your supporters why you are supporting this cause. After that be sure to keep your supporters and potential supporters up to date with your progress by posting pictures and updates.

26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.
26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.

2. Set a target

Setting a target is not only a great way of motivating yourself, but it’s great also encouraging for your supporters. Letting them know that they are getting you ever closer to your goal may just encourage them to give that little bit more. Plus, there’s no denying how satisfying it is when you see it tip that 100% mark.

3. Spread the Word

Use all resources to spread the word to your friends and family and let them know that you are taking part in the GOAL Mile this Christmas.

Share your page on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to let people know you're taking part. Forward the link to all your WhatsApp groups and email your colleagues. Remember: If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!

26/12/2019. NO REPRO FEE. - GOAL MILE.

Virtual GOAL Mile

For almost 40 years the GOAL Mile has seen tens of thousands of people run or walk a mile to raise funds for GOAL at Christmas. It has brought people together in villages, towns and cities across Ireland to help others. This year, the tradition has to change – but it doesn’t have to stop. It can’t stop.

Instead, we’re asking everyone to run or walk their own GOAL Mile or Miles, wherever they safely can over the Christmas period. So, even though we have to stay apart, we can still stand together for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Today, GOAL is active in thirteen different countries. We’re helping people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict, disease and climate change.

So please remember them, register, and help keep the GOAL Mile running this year.

Corporate and School GOAL Mile

If your company or school would like to get involved in this year’s GOAL Mile, we have plenty of options for you.

Click register and a member of the GOAL fundraising team will be in touch.

GOAL Mile History

GOAL Mile was established in 1982 when our late chairperson and international athlete, Noel Carroll, asked local people and their families to run a mile at The Phoenix Park on Christmas morning for GOAL.

Much to everyone's delight, more than 250 people turned up. The following year saw the event move to Belfield, University College Dublin. It is now one of the most popular and longstanding fundraisers in Ireland! Last year, more than 150 GOAL Mile events took place across the country.

We want to say Thank you to every single person who has organised, ran or walked a mile for GOAL. We hope to see you again this year!