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The GOAL Global Youth Programme

Inviting young people to join a global network to make meaningful partnerships across differences in Ireland and around the world. Helping young minds to connect, explore and develop thoughts on global issues and support effective advocacy and activism. 

Programme Overview

There is renewed urgency for action in response to the global crises that include Covid-19, but also reach far beyond it. Young people must be a part of the effort to find solutions, but with so many issues to respond to, how would you know where to start?

GOAL NextGen’s Global Youth Programme brings young people together to better understand the tools and processes of effective advocacy through global citizenship. The programme’s Ireland and Africa cohorts will work together to create, trial, and share a development education resource and supplementary multimedia materials to help passionate young people develop plans to contribute to a sustainable world for all.


What's Involved

In Ireland, we are recruiting young people between 18 – 25 years old with volunteering experience who have an understanding of, and interest in, global issues. Participants will also need to be available to take part in activities from May to October.

Selected participants will join a total of 12 online seminars that will introduce them to concepts, provide discussion space, include expert guest speakers, and propose group and individual tasks. We hope to move these events offline once Covid-19 isolation measures have been relaxed and it is safe to do so. 

In Africa, we are continuing the work of an existing youth advocacy programme which has brought together experienced and motivated young people working to strengthen their advocacy skills. Our Africa group will also test and trial activities for the resource but will primarily act as mentors and editors for the work produced by the Ireland group.

Why Take Part?

By taking part you will;

  • develop a greater understanding of global citizenship and its links to effective and sustainable advocacy.
  • develop skills for peer education and group facilitation, effective communication, and for navigating the local, national, and international political processes connected to advocacy work.
  • learn techniques and tools for online activity facilitation and refine those skills by hosting online activities with TY students and youth groups.
  • connect to an international network of likeminded passionate young people who are ready to take on the challenges lay ahead of us all.
  • be empowered to find solutions for local and global challenges and co-create a resource that will make this journey possible for your peers in Ireland and Africa!

How Do I Get Involved?

We'll be launching the programme on April 2nd. In the meantime you can register your interest by getting in touch with our team at

We can’t wait to get started!