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GOAL Youth

Young people are the experts of their own experience. We understand the value of inviting youth to participate in the creation and development of their own programmes. Our team, with an expertise in Global Citizenship Education and a passion for diverse and inclusive projects, are ready to guide the Next Generation of Global Citizens towards action for a fairer and more just world.

The GOAL NextGen Global Youth Programme

As the heart of GOAL’s Public Engagement, this programme brings young people together from all over the world to deepen their understanding of Global Citizenship. We believe that deeper and longer-term engagement is the best possible way to support a generation of young people who are passionate about a fairer and more sustainable future. 

Together, participants build skills in group facilitation, intercultural communication, project management, critical thinking, and more. Co-creation and youth participation guided the development of this programme, and this approach to participatory learning continues to guide its content and tone.  

The 2020 Programme

In 2020, GOAL’s very first Youth Programme based in Ireland came together for virtual learning and collaboration at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The 5 month programme offered young people a way to continue their learning, connect with like-minded peers, and be part of a project that highlights the global interconnectedness. This community which includes 18-25 year olds from all over Ireland, as well as a group of mentors from 6 different countries in south-eastern Africa, is now a part of the Global Youth Network.  

Applications for the the 2021 programme open in March. 

Resource Launch January 21

You are invited to the launch and celebration of “The Global Citizen’s Journey: A Resource for Global Citizenship Education" on January 21st at 4pm (Irish time).

This is a chance to 

  • meet the resource creators from across the world, 
  • explore an activity from the resource with its creators,
  • share any comments or questions about it

About the Resource

This resource is as innovative and interactive as the Youth Programme that created it. When you work through the activities, whether you are facilitating or participating, you’ll develop the critical thinking skills to explore the realities and complexities of our interconnected world. And recognize the imperative for active solidarity at local and global levels. 

Each activity was designed to be adapted to any context – we encourage you to incorporate aspects of your local context so that you can get the most out of every opportunity for discussion. It is our hope that these discussions bring you and your local community the confidence to act for fair and sustainable change. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to join online activity sessions facilitated by the members of the Global Youth Network! We will have dedicated sessions for young people, as well as sessions for educators. 

The Global Youth Network

We want to stay connected to all the young people we engage with and continue to support them even after the programmes and projects they participate in conclude. This growing network of motivated and critically minded young people offers opportunities to sharpen and hone the facilitation, communication, and collaboration skills they began building with us in our youth programmes. 

The Global Youth Network connects the deeper global citizenship education work of our youth programmes with awareness raising campaigns.  

Twice a year, the Global Youth Network will offer a series of events based around the activities in the resource, The Global Citizen’s Journey. Young people aged 14-18 will be able to join their peers in a facilitated session from the resource. 

Global Citizenship Youth Programme

The Volunteer Youth Advisor (VoYA) Project

Before launching our Youth Programme in 2020, we wanted to first find out from young people how they would like us to support them to work for positive change. In autumn 2019, we recruited 14 young people from all over Ireland to join a series of workshops to develop skills in Global Citizenship, connect with young people in GOAL programme countries and help us develop the GOAL NextGen Global Youth programme. 

During their time together, this group was part of NYCI’s Youth Climate Change Summit where they had the chance to hear from young people in GOAL Honduras programmes via video messages about how their lives are impacted by climate change. The VoYA Project advisors responded to those stories with a message of solidarity.

You can see both the video from GOAL Honduras and the VoYA response of solidarity below:

IMG_0567 1080x

Young people in Honduras

A message of solidarity

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