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Water-Share Ireland & GOAL

Delivering sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes

Water-Share Ireland is an alliance of Irish water sector stakeholders collaborating with GOAL to deliver sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes to vulnerable communities in developing countries. WASH programmes are vital for the well-being of communities across the globe. Everyone needs clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and washing.

This strategic collaboration incorporates funding, technical resources and expertise.

Why Water-Share?

Water-Share Ireland members are helping to amplify GOAL’s WASH programming in the world's most vulnerable communities. By tapping into the talent, commitment and generosity of their employees Irish companies are helping to transform thousands of lives every day.

In the words of Jerry Grant, Founder, Water-Share Ireland, "My visits to Uganda and Sierra Leone with GOAL highlighted how this collaboration, using the skills and expertise of the sector, can deliver major benefits in terms of drinking water supply, faecal sludge management, training and capability building in rural communities.

The impact of the collaboration hit home when I visited the Macca community in Sierra Leone and the community leader pointed to the smiling healthy children who before were constantly falling ill and not thriving.

The problem in numbers

Every 2 mins

a child dies from a preventable diarrhoea-related disease

2 billion

people lack access to safe drinking water

3.6 billion

people lack access to safe sanitation

494 billion

people are forced to practice open defecation

In its delivery of basic services to communities who need them, Water-Share Ireland gives sector companies and staff a unique opportunity for cross-sector collaboration, benefitting both recipient communities and those contributing to the work.”

Key Achievements

  • Technical design of rural water systems in Uganda and Zimbabwe
  • First ever ‘pilot’ faecal sludge treatment system in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • First phase of a major rural water project in southeast Uganda

Partnering for Impact

Thanks to fantastic support from the Irish water industry, both public and private, significant progress has been made since 2019:

  • €90,000 raised from 11 private sector companies and the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland
  • Additional benefit-in-kind and invaluable staff contributions, valued at approximately €40,000, from a further 6 companies
  • Successful projects completed in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe
  • Expertise volunteered from staff at Irish Water, Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd, JB Barry & Partners Ltd, RPS Group, Ryan Hanley, FLI Group, Veolia and others.

Want to Get Involved?

Water-Share Ireland are seeking new members from the public and private sector to reach more families with life saving support. In 2022 we hope to raise an additional €60,000 to improve access to water and sanitation services in the world's most vulnerable communities.

Please contact Jerry or John today to find out how your company can help transform lives.

Jerry Grant
+353 87 234 9554

John Gowen
+353 89 463 0953

Water-Share's Impact

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

In Freetown, a city with a population of more than 1 million people, GOAL with numerous Water-Share Ireland partners (including EPS, Nicholas O’Dwyer and other Water-Share members in their personal capacity), has recently constructed and commissioned the country’s first faecal sludge treatment plant.

Working closely with the Freetown City Council, the plant is now treating up to 10 tanker loads of sludge a day using a novel geotextile bag de-watering process.

The DCU Water Institute and RPS provided GIS services as part of GOAL's assessment of access to mechanised latrine emptying services across the city.

GOAL's work in Sierra Leone


GOAL and Water-Share Ireland have completed Phase 1 of a project aimed at bringing potable water to areas lacking suitable groundwater resources of their own.

These areas, adjacent to the shores of Lake Victoria, have long suffered with insufficient access to safe drinking water. Supported by a skilled volunteer team of Water-Share members and ARUP, Phase 1 has identified a number of potential high yield boreholes with good quality water, and the team are currently scoping Phase 2 feasibility for commencement in 2022.

GOAL's work in Uganda


GOAL is providing clean, safe water to over 350,000 people across Idlib Governorate, which is severely affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

GOAL is working with the local authorities to rehabilitate, operate and maintain the pre-war water infrastructure. In an effort to better understand leakage levels and prioritise the worst locations for rehabilitation with limited funds, GOAL started liaising with RPS for remote support and technical mentoring to GOAL’s Syrian WASH team in 2020, however this work was interrupted because of escalating conflict on the ground. GOAL is looking to re-establish this support in 2022.

GOAL's work in Syria

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