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Water-Share Ireland & GOAL

Delivering sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes

Water-Share Ireland is an alliance of Irish water sector stakeholders collaborating with GOAL to deliver sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes to vulnerable communities in developing countries. This strategic collaboration incorporates funding, technical resources and expertise.

Why Water-Share?

"My visits to Uganda and Sierra Leone with GOAL highlighted how this collaboration, using the skills and expertise of the sector, can deliver major benefits in terms of drinking water supply, faecal sludge management, training and capability building in rural communities.

The impact of the collaboration hit home when I visited the Macca community in Sierra Leone and the community leader pointed to the smiling healthy children who before were constantly falling ill and not thriving.

In its delivery of basic services to communities who need them, Water-Share Ireland gives sector companies and staff a unique opportunity for cross-sector collaboration, benefitting both recipient communities and those contributing to the work.” Jerry Grant, founder Water-Share Ireland


The problem in numbers

1.5 million

children under 5 die each year from diarrhoea

844 million

people live without clean drinking water

2.3 billion

people live without access to basic sanitation

892 million

people are forced to practice open defecation

Water-Share's Impact

Sierra Leone

Making a difference

Water-Share Ireland’s collaboration with GOAL added considerable value to GOAL’s WASH programming in 2019.

The success of GOAL’s WASH programming is enhanced by having meaningful engagement with Water-Share Ireland companies and by tapping into the talent, commitment and generosity of their employees.

There has been significant progress made across a number of areas already, including:

  • 11 Irish water sector companies have joined Water-Share Ireland.
  • Significant funding support and invaluable staff expertise.
  • Projects in Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Syria.
  • Volunteer resources from Irish Water, Nicholas O’ Dwyer Ltd, JB Barry & Partners Ltd, RPS Group and others.

Sierra Leone

Freetown has a population of 1.05 million people and effectively no liquid or solid waste infrastructure.

GOAL is working closely with the Freetown City Council to pilot filtrate treatment, a basic faecal sludge handling and dewatering facility and to assess treatment options for the city sewer.

Nicholas O’Dwyer is providing technical guidance and design input.

GOAL's work in Sierra Leone


GOAL and Water-Share Ireland are undertaking a feasibility assessment for a pipe-based system in Namayingo District. The remote rural area suffers from unpredictable and often polluted ground and surface water sources.

Commencing March 2020 this will be supported by a skilled volunteer team from Irish Water, JB Barry & Nicholas O’Dwyer.

FLI Group is investigating potential sustainable solar power systems and Irish Water is considering the development of small-scale treatment systems.

GOAL's work in Uganda


GOAL is providing clean, safe water to over 800,000 people in Idlib province affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria by supporting the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of drinking water infrastructure.

Despite hazardous conditions GOAL Syria works with local groups to tackle problems including high leakage, metering and network management.

The region continues to be ravaged by war, with a recent escalation of air strikes and bombardments driving migration of people, which has prevented significant progress. RPS have been providing much needed remote support and technical mentoring to GOAL’s Syrian WASH team.  

GOAL's work in Syria