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Our Finances

GOAL is committed to accountability, transparency and good governance. The support of our donors, funders and supporters is critical to our mission and we endeavour to provide timely, accurate and relevant information to our stakeholders.

GOAL Annual Report 2019


2019 was a year of progress and impact for GOAL

2019 was the second year of GOAL's three year organisational strategy - Alliance, Ambition, Action. It was a year of significant progress organisationally and programmatically. These advances were made while responding to a range of sudden onset and chronic humanitarian crises, including Cyclone Idai, which caused devastation across southern Africa.

Our humanitarian and development programmes reached six million people worldwide, across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The range of interventions is myriad and the challenges faced complex, but the common threads across all of our work is a deep rooted dedication to supporting vulnerable communities by GOAL teams who are courageous, compassionate and committed.

This impact is only possible through the ongoing relationships with our supporters, donors and partners around the world who are similarly dedicated to a vision of a world free of poverty, crisis and inequality.