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GOAL is a global organisation made up of determined and passionate people from a diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets. But there is one thing they all have in common – each person is committed to creating a better world, free from poverty and inequality.

To support our work, GOAL often has the support of volunteers who offer their time and experience to the organisation across a whole range of activities and projects. While GOAL does not generally send volunteers overseas, we are always eager to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer and do their part to support our work.

Becoming a Volunteer

Whether you are an accountant, engineer, media professional, HR expert, management consultant or anything else, we would love to hear from you to start a discussion on how we can partner and engage to create change.

It may be that you have very specific skills or experience that can be applied at GOAL, or you may want to support a GOAL event or project. No matter what, we would be delighted to discuss how we can match your passion and talents with an opportunity at GOAL.

Experience, Expertise and Energy

In particular, if you have a background in any of the below areas, we want to hear from you!

  • Media & Communications
  • Human Resources & People Development
  • Finance and / or Legal
  • Technology
  • Community Engagement
  • Fundraising / Event Management

Get In Touch

Send an email to info@goal.ie with ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line with your name and contact details. Also include details of what area or type of project you would like to volunteer on, and how your skills and experience match.


Find an Opportunity

The GOAL team will get in touch and discuss any volunteer opportunities currently available and how we can best put your great skills to use.


Get Volunteering!

It could be a technology project, working with our Communications team or helping out on a fundraising event – but once you get started you’ll be helping GOAL’s work and creating positive change and impact around the world.

Volunteer Spotlight

Tiernan Dolan

For the past 30 years Longford man Tiernan Dolan has continuously supported GOALs work through fundraising events.

A retired secondary school teacher, farmer and photography enthusiast, he has worked tirelessly to raise funds in Ireland to support GOAL’s humanitarian work in places as far afield as Afghanistan, Honduras and Sierra Leone.

What is truly amazing is Tiernan has raised an incredible €1.1 million to support GOAL’s work around the world. “I’m just an ordinary man, living in a very ordinary place, but I have been to some extraordinary places. I have had the privilege to witness the incredible dedication, commitment and passion of the most extraordinary people…The GOALies,” he says.

Tiernan jumped at the opportunity to visit some of the places he had fundraised for over the years and travelled to what was then Southern Sudan in 1993. “It was an emotional visit, and I don’t mind admitting that I shed a tear or two,” he recalls.

He visited medical facilities being run by GOAL and was completely taken with just how friendly and welcoming the people, especially the children were despite the hardships they had suffered.

He says “It’s my utter privilege to be associated with GOAL and the GOALies,” he says, having never second-guessed his commitment to GOAL’s cause as “hard work”, but instead considering it “a genuine privilege” to provide help to those in need.

In 2018, GOAL was delighted to have Tiernan nominated for a Global Citizen Award by Dóchas.

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