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What are you #Connected2?

Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit and the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26), we want to know what connects you! 

The global food system is deeply interconnected: events in one part of the world can have a huge impact, whether positive or negative, across the world. Climate change is the defining threat of our time, a global problem that has knock-on effects for all sorts of other issues.  

We must work together to combat climate change, and to make our global food systems fairer and more equal. We are all interconnected. Our climate and the ways in which we eat and trade connects us all. We must take notice of the ways we are connected to one another and unite in our efforts to make a fair and sustainable world.

Get Involved

Share your story - who, why, how and what are you #Connected2?!

  • Do you work with people from other countries?
  • Do you volunteer or support your local community? 
  • Are you growing your own vegetables? Do you shop locally?

We're all connected as one global family. Let us know how you are #Connected2.

Tag us @GOALNextGen and share your stories and experiences of climate change, climate action, food systems and the connections you've made across the globe.

We'll be engaging with leaders, experts and volunteers from across the globe, and sharing your stories throughout the #Connected2 campaign!

Keep an eye out on this page, and our social media channels, for updates!

Connect with us

Photo Essays Series

Our series of Photo Essays are the result of passionate, engaged young people coming together and asking themselves what it meant to be #Connected2 to a bigger global system. These change-makers took part in our Global Youth Programme and worked together, discussing what climate change and food systems meant to them. Their reflections took the shape of these Photo Essays.

If the Photo Essay was a book, each SnapShot is a chapter. They tell stories from all over the world, from rural and urban Ireland, to Honduras and Uganda.

Snap Shot 1:
From Producers to Consumers

Snap Shot 2:

Snap Shot 3:
Climate Change and Food

Snap Shot 4:
Food Systems and the land

Snap Shot 5:

In Conversation with Connections Video Series 

Take a look at the first in our #Connected2 video series! This series is all about making connections: across countries, land, sea, careers and passions. In each video, two guest speakers, each leaders and activists, will discuss how they are #Connected2 each other, and their worlds!

Episode 1:
Reinhard Bonke & Flossie + Harriet Donnelly

In this video, Nyandire Reinhard Bonke, Africa Programmes-Lead for the Conservation Strategy Fund speaks with Flossie and Harriet Donnelly, a daughter and mother duo who set up Flossie and the Beach Cleaners!

Episode 2:
Iseult Ward & Ruth Mhone

In this video, Ruth Mhone, Land Resource Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Water Development in Malawi, chats with Iseult Ward, co-founder and CEO of FoodCloud, an award-winning non-profit social enterprise based in Ireland.

Episode 3:
Argelia Bustillo & Beth Doherty

In this new episode, Argelia Bustillo of Tegucigalpa, Honduras speaks to Beth Doherty of Dublin, Ireland. They share their experience of being young women engaged in climate activism in two totally different parts of the world.

UN Food Systems Summit

The UN Food Systems Summit will be held in the final quarter of 2021 at the UN General Assembly. The UN Pre-Summit takes place in Rome on July 26 - 28 July.  

These events bring together organisations of all kinds: science, business, policy, healthcare and academia, along with farmers, indigenous people, youth organisations, consumer groups and environmental activists. Working together we can make positive changes to the world’s food systems. 

UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

COP26 takes place in Glasgow on October 31 – November 12, 2021.

This summit brings different parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Urgent action is needed by global leaders to tackle climate change.

Campaigning for change

Working across 14 countries, we use insights from our programmes to amplify the voices of the vulnerable communities we work with.

GOAL produces position and discussion papers highlighting key issues and opportunities to strengthen national and international policies and systems. This advocacy work helps to ensure the communities we support can live more resilient lives in a more equal, fair and sustainable world.

GOAL Zimbabwe staff holds placards as part of their awareness campaign on the rising incidences of Gender-Based Violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.