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Photo Essay, Snap Shot 3 – Climate Change and Food #Connected2


November 10, 2021 • 3 min read

Why a Photo Essay? 

This Photo Essay are the result of small groups of young people coming together and asking themselves what it meant to be #Connected2 to the bigger system. 

Why Snap Shots?  

If the Photo Essay was a book, each Snap Shop is  a chapter telling stories from around the world.

Welcome to our third Snap Shot!  Explore with us the impact of climate change on global food systems and how these are felt across different countries and communities. Even though each environment is unique and so different, we are all impacted by them equally. Global challenges such as climate change and our actions have Global consequences.


Sara Dada & Telma Sibanda’s Photos

credit: Sara Dada

credit: Telma Sibanda

Our daily activities have a deep impact not only on our immediate surroundings but on the wider planet. Litter, noise and CO2 emissions are eroding the natural beauty of our world, threatening the diversity of wildlife, and impacting the wellbeing of humans. As global citizens, we recognize that the earth’s air, land, and oceans are polluted by landfills in Uganda, traffic in Zimbabwe, and industrial air pollution in Ireland. We see the potentially irreversible effects of climate change in our communities every day. 



Emmanuel Dusabimana & Catherine Finn‘s Photos

credit: Catherine Finn

credit: Emmanuel Dusabimana


These high levels of pollution affect our fields, rivers, and sources of food and water. As pollution continues to contribute to climate change, the effects often present themselves unequally: the areas which contribute the least are impacted the most. Water is an essential resource to all human life, and has the power to shape our lands and the food that we eat. Unchecked, pollution and climate change threaten access to drinking water, and rising sea levels may permanently flood settled land. We are connected as global citizens through these impacts, whether we are already living with climate change or have yet to experience it. 


Catherine Finn & Telma Sibanda’s Photos

credit: Catherine Finn

credit: Telma Sibanda

Like dominos falling, our actions and behaviours have consequences in our own communities and around the globe. The manner in which we produce and access food demonstrates that each of us are deeply connected to one another and to the planet. The marketplace gives an insight into this relationship –  imported produce in Ireland, locally sourced food in Uganda, and empty stalls in Zimbabwe. While some communities will be unable to produce enough food or may face empty shelves at the market, others will throw away unused excess. This reality can be a catalyst for a more sustainable future, but it is the collective effort of our global community that will determine the direction we follow. 



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