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Photo Essay, Snap Shot 1 – From Producers to Consumers #Connected2


November 8, 2021 • 3 min read

From Producers to Consumers; the interconnectedness between climate change and global food systems 

Why Photo Essays? 

The series of Photo Essays you will find here are the result of small groups of young people coming together and asking themselves what it meant to be #Connected2 to the bigger system. These young people took part in our Youth Programme and worked together, discussing what climate change and food systems meant to them. Their reflexions took the shape of a Photo Essay. They are windows into the lives of our friends and all those we are #Connected2 


Why Snap Shots?  

If the Photo Essay was a book, each Snap Shot is  a chapter. They tell stories from all over the world! From rural and urban Ireland to Honduras and Uganda. They show the ways in which local food producers and consumers are #Connected2 each. How their experiences, daily lives, hopes and ambitions are affected by climate change and fit into wider global food systems. 

Carol Rubi’s Photo

credit: Carol Rubi

Maria de Jesus, or Dona Mari as her community knows her, is an inspiring and resilient woman from Honduras. Despite being unable to read or write, Dona Mari sells the beans, corn, carrots, and rice that she grows on her own land for income. Because of this, she is able to pay for her daughter’s education. Now, due to ongoing droughts, Dona Mari has to supplement her income with domestic work in Tegucigalpa. 

Hanna Ryan’s Photo

credit: Hanna Ryan

In West Cork, Ireland, Hannah Ryan and her family now raise chickens as an eco-conscious alternative to factory-farmed poultry and eggs. These happy and healthy hens are a sustainable way to source food and to use food waste. Chicken waste contributes to the maintenance of the vegetable garden which supports a sustainable backyard food system, with minimal environmental impact. 

Diana Innocent Acio’s Photo

credit: Diana Innocent Acio

In Uganda, Sarah is an entrepreneur who believes that to grow a business, you can begin with even the smallest ventures! When asked how she got started, Sarah responded “Food is part of man, and everyone needs to have access to food, and specifically healthy food.” Providing necessary goods supports both Sarah and her customers.   

Aaron Koay’s Photo

credit: Aaron Koay

Shaakya is an international student from India, and Serena is an Irish-born, Malaysian/Hong-Konger. In this picture, they are enjoying Taiwanese Bubble Tea and Venezuelan Arepas in Dublin city centre. While this demonstrates the diversity and availability of food in urban environments like Dublin, accessing fresh and local produce can still be a challenge. 

Stephen Frain’s Photo

credit: Stephen Frain

Even just one generation ago, agriculture was the bedrock of many Irish communities and at the heart of Ireland’s national economy. Today, it is just one of many components. Farmers are adapting with a view to future-proofing their livelihoods and playing a role in the mitigation of climate change. Their ability to reinvent themselves is a testament to resilience and their potential to be agents of change.” 


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