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A Fake Missile In Dublin City Centre

A Fake Missile In Dublin City Centre

Today GOAL marked the 5th anniversary of the Syrian conflict by bombarding the public with the shocking reality of what Syrians face on a daily basis.

By planting a replica of the bombs falling on Syrian towns and cities in the middle of Dublin’s city centre, GOAL brought home the message that war has been a constant reality for millions of Syrians for the last five years. The renowned street artist Will St.Leger constructed the replica in order to give Dubliners some idea of the horrors of conflict on their trip into work.

While negotiations for a peace-deal begin this week, there has been no cease to the terror experienced by the Syrian people. In January and February of this year, 9 children a day were killed. This must stop.

The Syrian Civil War began in earnest on March 15th, 2011 and has since been drawn out into a multi-actor conflict. The fighting has ensured death, destruction and displacement have become a standard part of the daily lives of Syrian people, denying them anything remotely reminiscent of a normal life. Even those who stayed behind are showered daily not just with bombs and bullets, but leaflets like the one below, urging them to abandon their homes and everything they’ve ever known.

“This is the last chance…run for your lives…if you don’t evacuate these regions in 24 hours, you will be destroyed. Decide fast…SAVE YOUR LIVES. You know that everyone has abandoned you and left you to face your destiny. Nobody will give you any help.”

These leaflets were distributed around the site along with markers showing the damage done and kill radius of such weapons.





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