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Ukraine: As the humanitarian crisis unfolds, GOAL deploys emergency response team


February 28, 2022 • 1 min read

In light of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, GOAL has deployed members of it’s Emergency Response Unit to the region.

GOAL has responded to humanitarian crises for over 45 years’, including in Ukraine, where the organisation supported refugees and internally displaced people in the Donbas region in 2015 and 2016.

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GOAL CEO, Siobhan Walsh, highlighted Ireland’s support for Ukrainian people affected by the conflict.

“Ireland has always been a caring nation and has responded to countless global humanitarian crises over many decades. In recent days, the people of Ireland have voiced their solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” 

She added: “We support the Irish Government’s condemnation of this outrageous breach of the most fundamental principles of international law, and their pursuit of strongest sanctions possible while also providing funds for much needed humanitarian assistance.”

Dr. Georgina Jordan, who leads GOAL’s Emergency Response Unit, is in the region to assess how GOAL can effectively respond to the crisis.

She said: “GOAL brings valuable experience working with displaced populations and refugees to this situation, and in the coming days I will collaborate closely with the wider humanitarian community to assess how we can all meet the immediate needs of those most affected.”

The UN estimates that up to 5 million Ukrainians could flee the country if the situation deteriorates further. Over 350,000 people have already fled to Poland and neighbouring countries since Thursday.

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