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Help families fleeing conflict

Supporting families in urgent need

Over 8 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine since Russian forces invaded in 2022.

A further 5 million people are internally displaced. Driven from their homes by constant shelling.

Responding to the crisis, GOAL teams are working with local partners across Ukraine and Poland to support families feeling the conflict;

  • providing food, clean water and cooking supplies to refugees in urgent need
  • delivering blankets, warm clothes and heaters to help families survive the winter cold
  • supplying hygiene kits to prevent the spread of disease
  • installing generators to restore electricity to homes under constant bombardment
  • providing psychosocial support to families traumatised by conflict

GOAL teams were there for the people of Eastern Ukraine in 2015 and 2016 when they needed support most. Delivering food and financial assistance to families affected by the conflict.

Once again, with your support, GOAL teams are there for the people of Ukraine in their hour of need.

Supporting Ukrainian families in need: Katya's Story

“Very heavy shelling began in my town. You did not know where the next shell would land,” Katya says.

Looking to the skies in fear, Katya was desperate to escape the Russian shelling.

“Our neighbour was volunteering with the evacuation effort, driving people out of the city in his car. We asked him for help - to bring us somewhere, anywhere.

After days travelling, Katya, her mother and son Maksym, found safe haven at GOAL's displacement centre in Lubny. Dozens of families now call the centre home.

“On the way here, we stayed overnight in Pavlohrad, then in Dnipro, but nowhere was safe. We were advised to come here to Poltava. We were told families would be safer here,” Katya says.

We are glad to have the support of the kind people in this centre. We just hear air-raid alerts, but thank God the shelling isn't affecting here. This town is very small. We like it because of that. It’s not a target."


GOAL are working with local partners to provide food, shelter and psychological support to families like Katya's in Ukraine

The family are safe, but Katya worries about her son Maksym. When he’ll be able to return to school and play with other children again.

She dreams of returning home to rebuild her life. To allow her son to restart his education and reach his full potential.

We are very grateful for GOAL’s support. But our dream is to return home. To a normal life,” Katya says.

How You Can Help

GOAL has responded to humanitarian crises for over 45 years, including in Ukraine, where GOAL teams have supported refugees and internally displaced people since 2015.

With your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need;

  • €50 can provide soap, sanitary items and cooking equipment
  • €100 can provide cash and vouchers (CVA) to help families access items like food, accommodation and medicine
  • €250 can help to provide long term psychosocial support, accommodation and resettlement services

Ukraine conflict in numbers


Civilians killed

+8 million

Refugees forced to flee Ukraine

+5 million

People internally displaced

44 million

Population of Ukraine