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GOAL Humanitarian Innovation Fund

Innovating to Overcome Humanitarian Crisis

What is the GOAL Humanitarian Fund?

GOAL's approach to innovation is rooted in its commitment to finding new perspectives and processes that lead to transformative solutions for critical challenges. With a vision of a world beyond humanitarian crises, GOAL recognises the importance of developing and nurturing innovative programme solutions as a key role in achieving this vision. The organisation embraces curiosity, progress, testing, iteration, and learning, challenging conventional thinking to drive programme innovation.

To support and encourage promising innovations within GOAL programmes, the organisation launched the GOAL Programme Innovation Fund in early 2022. This fund is specifically designed to foster innovations that have the potential to be scaled up, with the ultimate aim of reducing and overcoming humanitarian crises. The GOAL Programme Innovation Fund is open to any GOAL Global, country programme, or external partner team, providing them with the opportunity to apply for funding to support their innovative initiatives.

GOAL's aim is to identify and support projects that demonstrate great potential for impact, scalability, and effectiveness in addressing humanitarian challenges. By establishing the Innovation Fund, GOAL reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change through innovative approaches and investing in ideas that can make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

2024 Humanitarian Innovation Fund Winners

GOAL is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 Humanitarian Innovation Fund. This third round of funding furthers our mission to support scalable innovations addressing and overcoming humanitarian crises.

Our esteemed panel of Innovation Leaders played a pivotal role in evaluating each innovation. Their guidance and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the future of these groundbreaking projects:

  • Alison Cowzer, Co-Founder of East Coast Bakehouse, Dragon investor on Dragons’ Den and GOAL Global Board Member
  • Conor Twomey, Head of Customer Success at KX Technology and GOAL Global Board Member
  • Louise Foody, Managing Director of Covolve, Kingspan
  • David Elliot, Director and Founding Member of the Gallus Edge CIC

The Innovator's Den Session provided a platform for our selected innovators to showcase their solutions and undergo thorough scrutiny. Innovation Leaders carefully assessed each innovation based on its innovative impact, viability, scalability potential, and the team's expertise. After meticulous deliberation, we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2024 Humanitarian Innovation Fund:

  • Digital Technology Solutions Workstream: The Community-based Health Emergency Early Warning and Response System, led by GOAL Niger, will leverage existing data and community engagement to improve response to health crises in the Mirriah district in the Zinder region in Niger.
  • Resilience Workstream: The Energy Transition in Small and Medium-Scale Fisheries project, led by GOAL Colombia in partnership with COLGAS and Fundación Capital will introduce sustainable energy solutions to artisan fishing communities in La Guajira, Colombia, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and operational costs, enhancing both economic viability and environmental sustainability.

These remarkable projects represent the vanguard of humanitarian innovation, and we are excited to support and amplify their efforts in making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. Congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will create.

We have been blown away by the standard, particularly by the ability of participants to take new ideas on board, refine them, and make them the best they can be. This project and competition are about taking innovation to the next level and building on what we at GOAL does best: putting great ideas into action and delivering real impact.

Alison Cowzer, Co-Founder of East Coast Bakehouse and valued member of GOAL Global's Board

Innovation in Numbers


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We are proud to present a list of innovative projects that have been funded and supported by the GOAL Humanitarian Innovation Fund. These exceptional initiatives represent the collective effort of visionary individuals and teams dedicated to addressing global humanitarian challenges head-on.

Explore the list below to discover the diverse range of innovative solutions that have received support from the GOAL Humanitarian Innovation Fund. From novel approaches in disaster response to transformative solutions in healthcare, education, livelihoods, and more, these projects embody the spirit of innovation and resilience.

By showcasing these funded innovations, we aim to inspire collaboration, spark further creativity, and foster knowledge exchange within the humanitarian community. Together, we can push the boundaries of what is possible and drive positive change in the face of complex challenges.


Lucky Iron Fish (LIF) (Uganda)

This innovation aims to provide a low-cost solution to hard-to-reach families in Uganda, particularly in areas where public health campaigns have not succeeded. By addressing anemia through a sustainable social entrepreneurship model, the initiative leverages Divine Organic Foods' last-mile delivery system and community agent network to ensure both accessibility and demand for the product.


Promoting Climate Resilient Urban Sanitation through Community-Based Waste Management Systems (Sierra Leone)

Homebiogas technology is introduced in Sierra Leone to produce cooking gas, offering a cost-effective waste management solution and reducing reliance on biomass as a cooking fuel source. It contributes to climate resilience and sustainable urban communities.


Token Tap for Hand Pumps (Uganda)

This innovation develops a mechanical prepaid water meter for hand pumps, enabling financially sustainable operation and maintenance without subsidies. It addresses the challenge of nonfunctional hand pumps in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sprawling settlements of poor housing on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Population pressure has forced people to build further and further up the hill away from the coastline. This is very dangerous, as rainstorms can cause flooding and the collapse of such areas.

Harnessing New Technologies for Better Land and Risks Governance (Haiti)

Integrating risk mapping, satellite imagery, and drones, this innovation strengthens Haiti's National Center for Geo-Spatial Information. It improves emergency response, land management, and risk mitigation, leading to more informed decision-making and resilient communities.

zim men connect

Zim Men Connect (Zimbabwe)

Zim Men Connect addresses unreported Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases in Zimbabwe by developing a smartphone application for men. It provides information, support, and referral pathways, empowering male survivors and breaking cultural barriers.

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Selection Criteria

To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, the GOAL Humanitarian Innovation Fund follows specific criteria at each stage of development. These criteria help identify promising innovations that align with our vision of a world beyond humanitarian crisis. Here's an overview of the selection criteria:

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GOAL Innovation Lab

GOAL's Innovation Fund is operated our Innovation Lab, a dynamic and collaborative unit established by GOAL to foster innovation within GOAL’s programmes and to promote this work both internally and externally with the wider development and humanitarian community.

The GOAL Lab is an open space that facilitates collaboration and partnership between innovation champions inside GOAL and key strategic external partners.

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