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Stairs of Happiness

Stairs of Happiness

“Goal knocked on my door and offered to give me help and support when I needed it.”

María Aurelia Perdomo became her family's sole supporter when her husband left. Her life has not been easy since.

Maria Aurelia has faced many difficulties, including her daughter’s death, and the challenges presented by the disability of her son Walter, who lost the use of his limbs in an accident.

"When my husband left, I had to start selling tortillas and doing laundry to support my children. I also had to cope with my daughter´s death alone."

Walter made little progress during his nine month stay in hospital. Maria Aurelia made the difficult decision to care for him at home while her youngest daughter began working to support the family.

Maria Aurelia´s home is located in a hard to reach area on top of a high hill. For an entire year she carried her son on her back to transport him to his medical check-ups. Because her house was so difficult to access, Maria Aurelia´s neighbours were unable to assist her. Transportation also became very difficult during the rainy season.

The time came when María Aurelia, who is 65, was no longer able to carry her son. Walter was bedridden in a tiny room and this confinement started to affect him psychologically.

GOAL arrived in the community and began working to improve housing conditions for people in the area. The organisation identified María Aurelia´s need for improved access to her home so that she could take her son to hospital. GOAL built 29 stairs to help her and her family move around more easily.

"My son has a chance now with the construction of these stairs. We can move him more easily. When they finished the stairs, all my neighbours came to visit me, for the first time, to celebrate."

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