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Building for a brighter future

Building for a brighter future

I have seen the difference you are making

While the news coming out of Haiti often seems bleak, it is important to understand the work that is being done and the progress being made.

Cassandra Simpson, GOAL, feels strongly about this: “Haiti is regarded as a hopeless case. However, when I’m with the GOAL team, working with community leaders, this isn’t what I see. I see a water point that provides thousands of households with safe, clean water. Beside the water point, I see children playing with their homemade kites. They won’t get cholera - they can live without the constant threat of sickness. With funding from our donors, GOAL built the water point, passed it on to the community and checks in to ensure the committee performs maintenance from the small fee they collect for use.

“The fact is, Haiti is still at risk of disaster, like many areas of the world. The difference we can make is to help create an environment that reduces risk and that makes communities safe and resilient. GOAL Haiti is building back better. Once a disaster is over, long term work can prevent another tragedy. Thank you and please continue to support GOAL’s vital work. I have seen the difference you are making.”


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