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ODA Increase of €177 million in Budget 2023 welcomed by GOAL as levels of humanitarian need around the world are now at an unprecedented scale


September 28, 2022 • 2 min read

People of Ireland can be justifiably proud as Ireland remains a leading humanitarian funder globally.

GOAL welcomes the increase of €177 million in Ireland’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) as laid out in Budget 2023 announcement, bringing the overall ODA budget to €1.22 billion. This substantial increase in funding, to its highest level ever, will ensure that communities around the world facing major humanitarian crises including migration and displacement, food insecurity and health related crises have access to the humanitarian supports they so urgently need.

Speaking following the Budget 2023 announcement, Siobhan Walsh, CEO, GOAL said “The global pandemic and significant shocks to the global food system alongside the ever-deepening impact of the climate and environmental crises have pushed back many of the gains made by communities in the global south, coupled by crises in Ukraine, East Africa and other fragile regions. So, this additional funding will provide a lifeline to millions of families who are wondering how they will survive. Ireland’s unwavering support for those who lie furthest behind has again been underlined by this commitment.

The extreme hunger crisis is worsening across East Africa, meaning that 23 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. GOAL has been responding to crises and protracted humanitarian needs in South Sudan, Sudan and Ethiopia in East Africa since the early 1980’s while planning for and investing in communities’ longer-term development. But the GOAL teams in those countries are now reporting a situation so dire, that available support is being overwhelmed. Focus is now on providing life-saving nutrition programmes for babies and children under five years who are experiencing severe malnutrition.

Humanitarian crises, such as the crisis unfolding rapidly in East Africa, are increasing in number, scale and complexity across the world and a growing number of countries and regions are characterised as even more fragile and conflict affected. Crises disproportionately affect those facing poverty and exclusion and threaten their health, well-being and lives. This means that levels of humanitarian need are now at an unprecedented scale. So as a leading humanitarian funder globally, the people of Ireland can be justifiably proud of our shared contribution to striving for a better world, and GOAL will continue to be a committed partner of the Irish government in its efforts to address extreme hunger, crisis and poverty around the world,” added Siobhan Walsh.

GOAL works in 14 countries worldwide (in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and now Ukraine) focusing on humanitarian assistance, health, food security and livelihoods programming. It prioritises working in partnership with communities, local and national organisations and governments to ensure its responses are appropriate, effective and sustainable. Last year GOAL reached over 18.5 million people through our programmes, saving lives and building resilience within communities.