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NIPP: GOAL’s approach to fighting global malnutrition


June 12, 2017 • 1 min read

Since its development in 2012, the NIPP approach has reached over 19,000 direct beneficiaries in Malawi, Niger, South Sudan, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

"An innovative approach to tackling global malnutrition, which has been designed and field-tested by GOAL, was successfully launched to a global audience in London and Dublin recently."

With more than three million children dying from undernutrition-related causes across the world each year (which equates to one child every nine seconds), GOAL feels strongly that Nutrition Impact and Positive Practice (or the NIPP approach for short) can be a game-changer in the global fight against malnutrition.Designed and extensively field-tested by GOAL, it has directly benefitted more than 19,000 people across five African countries since its development in 2012, and indirectly benefitted many more.Following the successful launch of the NIPP approach in Dublin and London in May 2017, GOAL has now made a NIPP ‘toolkit’ available to all actors working to combat malnutrition across the world. The toolkit is now available for download on GOAL’s NIPP webpage.GOAL designed the NIPP approach in 2012 as a participatory and grass-roots based approach, directly tackling a package of the underlying behavioural causes of malnutrition, irrespective of the particular manifestations. The NIPP toolkit provides valuable guidance to help practitioners who wish to implement the NIPP approach. Any queries on the NIPP approach can be addressed to