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GOAL partners with Palestinian NGO, Taawon, to scale delivery of critical aid, including fresh food, into war-ravaged Gaza.


December 14, 2023 • 3 min read

(13th Dec 2023) Leveraging its existing and significant operations in the Middle East, providing humanitarian aid to host populations, Internally Displaced People (IDP) and refugees, GOAL has recently signed an agreement with Palestine’s largest NGO, Taawon (Welfare Association) to respond to the catastrophic and dire humanitarian situation and suffering in Gaza.

Taawon was established 40 years ago and operates in Gaza, the West Bank, and the Palestinian camps in Lebanon. The organization specialises in community development, education, youth empowerment, reconstruction, and emergency humanitarian aid. It is also an active member of all West Bank and Gaza UN Clusters, where aid agencies can share their plans for emergency responses and on-going humanitarian aid programmes.

In implementing this partnership agreement with GOAL, Taawon will source, purchase, and deliver life-saving food parcels (including fresh vegetables), hygiene kits, water, and medication to families on a weekly basis, and will deliver fuel into Gaza. In this emergency aid response, 1,500 IDPs in shelters in the middle and south Gaza strip will be targeted for an initial period of three months from 1st Dec 2023.

Prior to the most recent conflict, which erupted on October 7th, Taawon, through several other aid agency partnership agreements, was delivering mass aid into Southern Gaza, Northern Gaza, Khan Younis, and the Rafah Governorate and continues to do so, despite the harsh security conditions that limit movement and affect work plans.

Welcoming the GOAL – Taawon partnership agreement, Gabriella Prandini, GOAL’s Humanitarian Director, said,

“Prior to the most recent outbreak of this intense violence, 80% of Palestinians relied on international humanitarian aid. And now after ten weeks into this conflict the humanitarian needs of people trapped in Gaza have become extreme. Immediate humanitarian needs include fuel to ensure hospitals, water systems and communications can be restored, food, medical supplies, and warm clothing.  We are grateful to the Irish public for their generous support which has enabled our partnership with Taawon to meet some of the most immediate needs of the population in Gaza.”

Also acknowledging the GOAL – Taawon partnership, Colin Lee, GOAL’s Director of Programme Operations, said,

‘As we scale the potential that this partnership will offer, we are confident that Taawon will draw on its extensive experience of operating in Gaza in extremely volatile conditions.  We especially welcome the opportunity to support the delivery by Taawon, who will in turn, work in partnership with the Gazan UAWC (the Union of Agricultural Work) of high-quality food aid, including fresh vegetables, to relieve the food insecurity and risk of child malnutrition that is growing by the day.”

Since 7th October, the horrific escalation of violence in Gaza and across the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and Israel has resulted in another cycle of destruction and human suffering for the people of Gaza. The Gaza Ministry of Health reports that in this recent period of conflict, 18,000+ Palestinians (including 10,000+ children) have been killed and over 28,000+ injured, with thousands more reported as missing under the rubble amid the relentless bombardment.

GOAL is alarmed that the civilian population is once more being forced to move from Khan Younis to ‘safe’ zones in south Gaza. These tiny areas have no water or shelter and are totally unsuitable for two+ million people.

In unison with the global movement, GOAL continues to plead for a lasting humanitarian #CEASEFIRENOW in Gaza.




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