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GOAL partners with Harvard Humanitarian Initiative to launch Webinar Series: From Crisis to Resilience


September 29, 2021 • 2 min read

GOAL is hosting a new webinar series, From Crisis to Resilience: Systems Approach to Resilience in Fragile and Conflict Affected Contexts, starting in October.

This three-part series focuses on building resilience in challenging environments – fragile and conflict affected contexts; health systems; and urban contexts. It is being produced by GOAL, in partnership with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI), The Rand Institute and University College London, with support from Irish Aid.

Moderators for the series include former Irish Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador David Donoghue, and GOAL Deputy CEO, Mary Van Lieshout. Speakers from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) will also take part in the series, as well as a number of other contributors.

These webinars will make an important contribution to illuminating a subject of vital importance for humanity,” said Ambassador David Donoghue. “In today’s world, which is dominated by the interlinked challenges of climate change, conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic, the task of building resilience and the capacity to absorb shocks, whether natural or human in origin, has never been more pressing.”

The first webinar in the series, Strategies to Progress Disaster Resilience in Fragile and Conflict Affected Contexts, will be held on 11th October. The 90-minute session will reflect on key challenges and strategies to progress disaster resilience, with discussion informed by GOAL’s work on resilience in Syria. The following two webinars in the series will be held in November and December.

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Mary Van Lieshout, GOAL Deputy CEO and Director of Public Engagement, sees the webinars as an opportunity to open impactful dialogue to inform future resilience building work.

She said: “Resilience and adaptability are not just important to GOAL as organisational strengths. These are attributes that GOAL works to support and foster in vulnerable communities around the world. By working together, we can build greater resilience and more robust solutions to ever-increasing shocks and crises. The recent earthquake in Haiti and the devastating impact that has had on people’s lives illustrates the urgent need for effective resilience building work.”

From Crisis to Resilience Webinar Series Schedule

  1. Strategies to Progress Disaster Resilience in Fragile and Conflict Affected Contexts. 6.00-7.30PM GMT, 11th October 2021.
  2. Progressing Health System Resilience in Fragile and Conflict Affected Contexts. November 2021. Date to be confirmed.
  3. Systems Approaches to Urban Resilience in Fragile and Conflict Affected Contexts. December 2021. Date to be confirmed.