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GOAL, in partnership with Lebanese NGO, Amel International, has provided healthcare services to 9,000 displaced people caught in Lebanese-Israel crossfire, since last Nov


March 15, 2024 • 3 min read

(Issue 15th March 2024) It has now been more than 150 days since the devastating Gaza-Israel conflict erupted on October 7th, 2023. Throughout this period, tensions between Israel and Lebanon have escalated, marked by frequent exchanges of fire, particularly with Israel intensifying attacks on southern Lebanon, with civilians bearing the worst of the violence.

As of February 21st, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has confirmed the deaths of 195 individuals due to the conflict, with 42 identified as civilians. Among the civilian casualties, approximately half are women. Additionally, over 700 people have sustained injuries because of the ongoing crossfire.

According to recent UN reports, the violence has also displaced over 90,000 individuals within Lebanon since early October, with females making up 52% of the displaced population. This figure continues to rise each week, in tandem with a daily escalation of the humanitarian need. Many of the displaced are finding refuge with host families, renting apartments, or in collective shelters spread across the region. 80% of the internally displaced people (IDPs) are sheltering in Tyre, El Nabatieh, Saida, Beirut, and Baabda.

Displaced people living in temporary shelters across South Lebanon are in dire need of health services and hygiene supplies, amongst other necessities of survival, and these needs are especially critical for children, the elderly and pregnant and lactating women.

Since November 2023, with the support of Irish Aid, GOAL has been working in partnership with the Lebanese NGO Amel Association Limited to deliver healthcare services for up to 1,200 displaced men and women (with a focus on boys, younger girls, and the elderly) and provide hygiene kits for displaced families. Amel has also been working to ensure that the prevention of Gender-Based Violence and protection are key elements of this emergency response.

To date, this partnership has delivered:

  • Health consultations for 4,543 people
  • Access to and provision of prescription medication to 4,067 people
  • Referrals of 223 people to Primary Health Care Centres (PHCCs) for specialist services
  • Referral of 153 pregnant women in need of antenatal care and those with cardiac conditions, for ultrasound
  • Provision of hygiene kits to 56 households in the Tyre region, where over 27,000 IDPs reside.

GOAL partner, Amel Association International, delivering health consultation in South Lebanon

Speaking about the Amel Association International partnership, Colin Lee, Director of Programme Operations, GOAL, said,

“Our partnership with Amel showcases the power of working with local partners in addressing urgent humanitarian crises, such as the one unfolding in South Lebanon. By leveraging these partnerships, we can respond to the needs of affected communities in the most efficient and culturally appropriate way. Amel’s expertise in navigating the region’s complexities is invaluable in delivering essential services to civilians caught in the crossfire.”

Dr Zeina Mohanna, Strategic Planning and Head of the Human Rights Department at Amel, expressed gratitude for the partnership, stating,

“We are thankful to GOAL and Irish Aid for partnering with us on this critical programme aimed at addressing the urgent needs of the displaced population in Southern Lebanon. Thanks to this support, we have implemented essential programmes ranging from medical consultations to the distribution of vital hygiene kits. The daily bombardment in Southern Lebanon, however, poses a continuous threat, especially to those living along the border with Israel. This programme will serve as a lifeline for hundreds of vulnerable individuals.”

Despite the ongoing volatility in southern Lebanon, GOAL remains steadfast in delivering vital aid to the displaced populations seeking refuge across the region’s southern areas. Meanwhile, Amel continues to monitor the situation daily to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of those affected.