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GOAL honoured by Honduras Government for its working increasing resilience of small-scale fisheries


August 23, 2019 • 1 min read


"GOAL has received a prestigious honour from the Honduran Government for it’s groundbreaking work increasing the resilience of small-scale fisheries in remote communities on the North Atlantic Coast."

GOAL Honduras received the Green Virtue Award for work under its Blue Economy programme developing sustainable fisheries and conserving the coastal ecosystem on which the fishing community depends. GOAL believes that sustainable fisheries are the key to the future of global food security, climate change adaption and poverty reduction.

Announcing the Award on behalf of the Honduran government, Secretary of State for Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines, Jose Antonio Galdames, praised GOAL for its work since 2016 around biodiversity and sustainable development.

Bernard McCaul, Regional Director for GOAL HONDURAS and LAC, said: “This is important validation for the work that GOAL has been doing in the Blue Economy in Honduras over the past ten years. We have been working hard in partnership with Honduran Government to improve governance of marine coastal resources in a way that improves conditions for poor, vulnerable, coastal communities so this is huge recognition of that effort.”

GOAL´s Blue Economy Programme is working towards developing a sustainable market system for local fisheries which reduces poverty, and is resilient to natural hazards, such as hurricanes and storms, and stresses such as climate change and conflict.GOAL’s Daniela Torrez sampling units of soil in the mangrovesGOAL Honduras are honoured to receive and award for their ongoing resilience work The GOAL Honduras teamThe awards ceremony