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GOAL Honduras Launches Groundbreaking Resilience Programme


July 8, 2019 • 1 min read

GOAL’s vision is for a world where poverty no longer exists, where vulnerable communities are resilient.

"After four year's of development and research, GOAL Honduras and the GOAL Resilience Innovation and Learning Hub (RILH) are pleased to share the 'Resilience for Social Structures Approach' document."

GOAL Honduras has launched its innovative Resilience for Social Systems (R4S) manual aimed at helping vulnerable communities prepare for natural disasters and unexpected crises.

The R4S, which was launched after four years of intense development and testing, is aimed at helping fragile and socially or economically marginalized communities build resilience to external shocks and stresses. The R4S manual includes a mapping tool to help communities understand how complex socio-economic systems react to different shocks and stresses, such as how natural hazards can trigger economic shocks, and how conflicts can leave people more exposed. For example an outbreak of cholera can be triggered when water, sanitation and hygiene systems are destroyed or become inaccessible. It also helps understand how long-term issues such as environmental degradation can lower agricultural productivity, thereby weakening food security and income levels, impacting on a household’s ability to pay for health care or education.

This guidance manual draws on GOAL’s experience over 40 years in responding to major humanitarian crises and operating in fragile contexts, coupled with its work over the past 10 years in developing innovations and practical approaches in resilience measurement and analysis. The R4S applies a structured, step-by-step approach combining systems thinking; network theory; scenario thinking; social and behaviour change; inclusion and resilience tools.

It provides new guidance on analysing the six determinant factors of resilient systems: Connectivity, Diversity, Redundancy, Governance, Participation and Learning.
GOAL would like to acknowledge the support of IrishAid in publishing this guidance manual. The R4S manual can be downloaded from R4S Approach 2019.