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GOAL partners with Lebanese NGO, Amel Association International, to fund immediate humanitarian aid and healthcare services for citizens of South Lebanon impacted by the cross-border conflict.


November 24, 2023 • 3 min read

Since the start of the now seven-week-old and appalling Gaza – Israel conflict, there have been severe clashes at the South border of Lebanon with Israel, between the warring factions.

According to the UN, this has led to the displacement of up to 30,000 people across 119 locations in Lebanon, especially of people who were residing in border areas like Kfar Chouba, Chebaa, Kfarkila, Aadayse Marjayoun, and Aita El Chaeb. People now displaced in South Lebanon urgently need health services and hygiene supplies, amongst other necessities of survival, and these needs are especially critical for children, the elderly and pregnant and lactating women.

In response, GOAL has recently signed a partnership agreement with an NGO, set up in 1979 with access throughout Lebanon called Amel Association Limited. With a team of 1,200 staff and volunteers, Amel works through twenty-eight centres, six mobile medical units, two mobile education units and one protection unit for the most marginalized regions of Lebanon, from Beirut and its Southern Suburbs to Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon. As part of this agreement, GOAL, in partnership with Amel and supported by Irish Aid, will deliver healthcare services for up to 1,200 men and women (with a focus on boys and younger girls and the elderly) and will provide hygiene kits for women.  Amel will also ensure that the prevention of GBV (Gender Based Violence) and protection are key elements of this emergency response.

The healthcare services that Amel, in partnership with GOAL, will deliver, to displaced people in South Lebanon will include:

  • Health consultations and hygiene assessments.
  • Access to and provision of prescription medications.
  • Referrals to Primary Health Care Centres (PHCCs) and other health and social facilities.
  • Antenatal care and referral for ultrasound for pregnant women with cardiac conditions.
  • Provision of hygiene kits

Speaking about this new partnership with Amel Association International, Gabriella Prandini, Humanitarian Director, GOAL, said,

“We very much welcome this crucial partnership with Amel Association International. Amel is a much-respected NGO in Lebanon, which specialises in the provision of health, psychosocial support, professional training, women empowerment, rural development, support to migrants, protection, and human rights, responding to the vital needs of the most marginalized communities. We are grateful for the support of Irish Aid, which has enabled us to partner with Amel at such a critical time. This intervention will complement  Amel’s emergency response in supporting displaced populations with critical health services in Tyre and Nabatiyeh South Lebanon.”

Also welcoming the Amel Association International partnership, Colin Lee, Director of Programme Operations, GOAL, said

“Amel understands and works within intricate existing Lebanese community and local government structures and works to the highest standards in their approach. Amel’s reach into affected areas of Lebanon has been impressive in recent years, and the agency is a well-regarded member of the NGO forum in Beirut. Their ability to navigate the daily challenges within a highly complex space and deliver high-quality healthcare is hugely impressive. Amel also provides a key element within the stability of the health structure in more fragile parts of Lebanon, and we value this relationship and look forward to the opportunity of channelling further funding from Ireland through Amel to the people of Lebanon”.

For further information, please see Amel Association International | Non-sectarian Lebanese NGO