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Get Tapping for GOAL at Mao at Home Dublin


August 6, 2019 • 2 min read


By Alison Balfe
GOAL is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with Dublin’s leading Thai restaurant and takeaway Mao to launch new ‘Tap to Donate’ units in seven Dublin outlets.
The innovative technology will make it easier for Mao customers to contribute towards GOAL’s work in 13 of the world’s most vulnerable countries providing emergency response and long-term development support.
Ireland is Europe’s most generous country when it comes to charitable giving and Mao has led the way in the business community through the fundraisers they have hosted, including the new Corporate GOAL Mile, where one store alone raised over €1000.

Eamon Sharkey Global Head of Marketing and Fundraising for GOAL says:
‘We are so grateful to Mao for their continuous support over the years. It is great to have the ‘Tap to Donate’ units in their increasingly popular restaurants throughout Dublin. This new feature will allow customers to donate to a good cause with minimal effort and help GOAL continue our life-changing work globally. We encourage other businesses to follow Mao’s lead and reach out to us about installing the ‘Tap to Donate’ function in their business.’

Gill Nolan, Senior Marketing Executive with Mao says:
‘We are delighted to support GOAL in their latest ‘Tap to Donate’ venture. ‘Tapping’ is quickly becoming the way most transactions take place and it’s great to see this innovation being used in a clever way to do good. The ‘Tap to Donate’ devices are now live in all 7 Mao at Home stores, offering our customers a super simple way to donate and offer their support to our charity partner. We really believe in the fantastic projects GOAL implement worldwide and are happy to help in any way we can.’

GOAL asks other businesses to become a supporter by simply installing the new service at a pay point in their business. The slimline device is compact and self-contained causing no imposition to the business. It has never been easier to make a difference to those in need worldwide.