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Excel experts from all over the world to “spread” their skills to raise COVID-19 response funds for GOAL


May 1, 2020 • 2 min read

Excel experts from all over the world are coming together to “spread” their skills to thousands of “lockdown” workers in order to raise vital COVID-19 response funds for Irish humanitarian aid agency, GOAL.

" “Currently millions of workers all over the world have had their working lives turned upside due to COVID-19. Many are now working from home and some have lost their jobs. This is a perfect time to perfect vital Excel skills when people have more time on their hands and we thought this was a great way to help people upskill and to give to a great cause at the same time.” - Paula Guilfoye, Excel Club. "

Twenty-five of the top global Excel professionals have created a bespoke, cut-price four-hour course, with video, to benefit workers and business owners with time on their hands due to closure or downsizing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With such courses normally costing hundreds of euros, the Excel experts are offering their expertise for either €10 or €20. Every penny of fees will go to help GOAL in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the 13 countries it works in. The course offered will be the same for both payment options.

The experienced Excel professionals, who are from every continent, have come together with The Excel Club, run by Irish woman Paula Guilfoyle, and UK-based Alan Murray from Computergaga, and they hope to reach a large global audience with this course. The Excel professionals include authors, YouTubers and other content creators who have built a reputation as an expert in the Excel community.

Each expert will submit a lesson and a video covering various aspects of Excel and subscribers can pick what aspects of the course they want to dip into. The course is designed to appeal to people of all skill levels with something for everyone.

The course will cover:

  • General Level Excel Tips
  • Advanced Excel Tips
  • Charting, Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Excel Power Tool Tips
  • Financial Modelling Tips

Zenler online courses platform has agreed to donate to this relief effort. Using a dedicated platform will keep this course independent from other courses instructors might have.

Alan Vard, Senior Development Manager for GOAL said: “A huge thanks to everybody at the Excel Club for coming up with this unique idea which will encourage people to use time at home to upskill, while raising funds for GOAL’s COVID-19 response at the same time.

“We are all getting used to the new world we are living in and coming to terms with restrictions and different work practices. But while we feel challenged here, we must not forget the real challenges that vulnerable communities are facing each and every day in the countries in which GOAL operates.”

“Whatever chance countries like Ireland have to cope with COVID-19, it has the potential to have a greater catastrophic impact on millions of vulnerable people living in the developing countries across Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. GOAL needs the support of people now more than ever.”

Enrolments to this course will only be available for a 2-week period and students who enrol will have 6 months access. The Excel experts will promote the course through their own email lists, subscribers and followers during the two-week enrolment period.

The two-week enrolment period opens on Monday May 4th.


You can pre-register here.