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Dublin School Awarded GOAL Globe


May 22, 2019 • 1 min read

"Drimnagh Castle Primary School, Dublin receive GOAL Globe for their participation in Development Education"

Drimnagh Castle Primary School in Dublin 12 has received a very special gift from GOAL for their ongoing participation in a unique Development Education Programme.
The bright young minds in the school completed ten workshops around global issues as part of the GOAL Development Education Programme aimed at engaging students on the important issues that face our world.
To mark their excellent participation, the school was presented with a special globe designed for GOAL as part of its “What on Earth” campaign. The campaign saw 100 globes designed by high profile Irish artists from Ireland and abroad . The globes were auctioned and raised over €80,000 for GOAL’s humanitarian work overseas.
Generous donors gifted GOAL with their globes, and one was presented to the students of Drimnagh Castle who have shown endless energy and enthusiasm for their work on global development.
GOAL Development Education Officer, Mura Tierney, who has worked closely with the school and presented the globe to the school principal, Eugene Duffy. The globe was designed the art collective SUBSET titled “Subset sub division 1”. She said: “It is always a pleasure to visit the students at Drimnagh Castle Primary for our development education workshops. I admire their dedication to humanitarian work and commitment to each workshop they take part in. The globe is in a great home and will remind the students of the excellent achievement they have reached.”
As well as the principal, teacher Eoghan O’Neill has been a key player in the project.
Drimnagh Castle Primary also took part in Jersey Day in 2018 to help rasie vital funds for GOAL.

Signing up to Jersey Day is simple. Just complete the registration form on jerseyday.org or email your interest to jerseyday@goal.ie.