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Dell Technologies supporting Global Emergency Response during pandemic


July 13, 2021 • 4 min read

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) today announced its work GOAL, developing an IT strategy that allows the continuation of life-saving global operations during the pandemic. GOAL used Dell Technologies expert services to strategize and deploy an architecture that empowers GOAL’s employees around the world to continue delivery response during the pandemic and minimize disruptions to its technology infrastructure.

As a first responder to humanitarian crises for more than 40 years, GOAL is committed to working with vulnerable communities to help them survive crises and support them on the road to recovery. Its frontline staff of 2,400 employees across 14 countries operate in environments where poor network connectivity and frequent power outages are the norm. They rely on IT to manage logistics – including access to food, shelter, and healthcare – mobilize an integrated response through collaboration, collect local data that informs a response, as well as analyse and report on how donor funds are spent. This reliance became even more critical as the pandemic shut down travel and supply chains early last year.

GOAL worked with Dell Technologies to help it quickly move forward with planning and implementing an all-digital approach to boost connectivity, efficiency, provide agility, and ensure its data is safe.

“GOAL believes in a world where poverty no longer exists and we work with vulnerable communities to help them respond to and recover from humanitarian crises,” said Janet Humphreys, CIO of GOAL. “During the pandemic, our humanitarian aid became even more critical. Dell Technologies offered our organization a lifeline through its expert advice on moving to a hybrid computing model, supporting us in the migration and educating our staff on how to use it. Today, we’re more connected than ever and equipped to continue our journey in providing aid to others.”

GOAL believed this approach was necessary to increase connectivity. Dell Technologies ProConsult Advisory Services conducted detailed analysis of GOAL’s IT infrastructure and barriers to success. It  provided a comprehensive assessment of GOAL’s current state along with a strategy to move forward, which included a hybrid computing recommendation.

The non-profit’s frontline workers are often dispersed in areas with poor connectivity. They often don’t have the needed bandwidth to share data between their localized environments and GOAL’s centralized environment. Dell Technologies and GOAL defined an architecture that makes it easier for frontline staff to work on local copies and upload/download, while other teams work online. With Dell Technologies’ migration expertise, GOAL was able to maintain emergency response and program delivery during the transformation as well as increase the number of people served by one million – from five to six million – around the world.

Dell Technologies Employee Experience Measurement Services were also delivered to measure and analyse IT sentiment so GOAL could strategically prioritize where to focus on improvements, create action plans, and measure change over time. Dell Technologies’ counsel around best practices for change management, user adoption and training improved IT experience scores by 30% in subsequent measurements. GOAL also achieved efficiency and scale by replicating solutions across the 14 countries that the frontline operates.

“GOAL is like many global non-profit organizations grappling with a number of challenges – dispersed workforces in remote locations, small budgets, no scope for downtime – that require them to work smarter when it comes to digital transformation,” Bertrand Lalanne, vice president EMEA presales at Dell Technologies. “GOAL’s success proves that organizations, no matter their challenges, are able to move to hybrid computing approach with the right guidance, support and technology. Dell Technologies is uniquely equipped to support organizations from all sectors and sizes, at any point in their digital modernization journey, allowing those in some of the toughest environments to flourish.”

With Dell Technologies’ commitment to help 1,000 non-profit organizations on their journey to digital transformation by the year 2030, this is an example of how the company is working with customers to support shared social impact goals. Technology is crucial to keeping GOAL operational and employees connected and the success of its mission.

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