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US Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) partners with GOAL on Crisis to Resilience Webinar Series


October 28, 2022 • 2 min read

Vital learning opportunity as humanitarian crises increase in number, magnitude, and complexity across the globe.

GOAL is delighted to announce that it will host a two-part webinar series on innovations and learning in transforming crisis to resilience in challenging environments – fragile and conflict affected contexts; health systems; and urban contexts, in partnership with the HHI. Other partners for this series, which is titled ‘From Crisis to Resilience: Emerging Challenges, Addressing Root Causes include the Rand Corporation (US global policy think tank) and University College London.

This two-part Crisis to Resilience webinar series which is supported by Irish Aid is scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 9th November and Wednesday the 7th December and each webinar will be 90 minutes long. The first Webinar which is titled ‘Localisation for Resilient Health Systems’ will address the main challenges and discuss innovative approaches to localisation for resilient health systems in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

Panelists for the first webinar include:

  • Ronak Patel – Director, Urbanization and Resilience Program at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Joie D Acosta – Senior Behavioral / Social Scientist at The RAND Corporation
  • Rana Qaimari – Programme Manager for EcoPeace Middle East
  • Isabelle Bremaud – Regional Resilience Advisor for USAID MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience, GOAL

The second webinar is titled ‘Inclusive Early Warning and Response Systems’ and this will explore lessons learned, emerging challenges and new approaches for inclusive Early Warning and Response Systems (EWRS) in fragile and conflict affected contexts.

Speaking about this important webinar series, Bernard McCaul, Deputy Director of Programme Design and Innovation at GOAL said “Humanitarian crises are increasing in number, magnitude, and complexity across the globe and a growing number of states and regions are characterised as fragile and conflict affected. In our global interconnected world, shocks in one corner can ripple across the globe and these shocks can often worsen crises elsewhere by triggering conflict, displacement and a spiral negative coping behaviours.”

GOAL has just launched its Strategy 2025 which is titled ‘From Crisis to Resilience’, in recognition that more must be done, to support vulnerable populations exposed to disaster hazards, particularly those living in fragile, and conflict affected contexts, move beyond humanitarian crisis and to achieve greater resilience. Key to this is strengthening local capacities by stabilising and supporting local systems. Therefore, the absolute relevance of this webinar series in this context should not be underestimated,” continued Bernard McCaul.

For more information and to register for this free webinar series, please visit From Crisis to Resilience – GOAL Global. All are welcome.