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My Parent's Legacy: Tiernan's Story

It was only when my parents passed away, that I found out they’d left a gift in their Will to GOAL.

My parents always had a tremendous sense of social justice. And as children, we were told how fortunate we were. We never took anything for granted.

Sadly, they passed away shortly after one another.

As a proud GOAL volunteer and supporter, I asked my friends to donate to GOAL in their honour. That’s when I found out my parents had generously left a gift to GOAL in their Will.

I had the privilege of visiting the project my parents’ last gift supported – building new houses in a very poor area of Uganda.

It was an incredible experience, seeing the positive change and the wonderful legacy my parents had left behind.

GOAL volunteer and proud son, Tiernan Dolan.
GOAL volunteer and proud son, Tiernan Dolan.

I’d taken a picture I had of my parents, from a family wedding, and shared it with the families living in one of the new houses. They hugged the photograph, and yes, there were tears!

My parents’ memory will live on through their generous gift to GOAL.
My parents’ memory will live on through their generous gift to GOAL.

Standing there with the people who’d been helped by Mum and Dad, I felt a quiet sense of pride, and a feeling of peace, knowing all the values they instilled in me, their passion for social justice, their love for people and joy in helping others, would live on.

Not only in me, but in the hearts and lives of every person their lasting gift touches, for generation after generation.

Sarah's Story

Brought up in a culture and community that believed in helping others, Sarah reflects on how good it feels to leave a gift that will bring joy to the world she loves after she’s gone.

Sarah has decided to leave a gift in her Will to GOAL

"With my last gift, I’ll become part of something bigger.”

My last gift to GOAL will help me become part of something that’s bigger than me.