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Becoming Part of Something Bigger: Sarah's Story

I was very young when I became aware that I had a loving family, a warm home, and everything I needed. I was very grateful for what I had.

Growing up, I would’ve done a lot of fundraising. I’d always be the one with the sponsorship card, or out shaking a bucket.

I’m a planner, I’m always thinking about the next few steps ahead for me and my family. So, while I love that GOAL is out there doing the vital emergency work, I love that they’re taking the long-term approach. They’re working to change the system, which will improve lives for generations.

When it came to leaving a gift in my Will, I wanted it to have a big impact. For me that meant supporting GOAL so they could help people on a larger scale.

I could never make that impact alone – but with my last gift, I’ll become part of a bigger picture that will help those most in need.

My last gift to GOAL will help me become part of something that’s bigger than me.
My last gift to GOAL will help me become part of something that’s bigger than me.

Thinking about what happens when we’re dead isn’t easy. But I see my last gift to GOAL as a way of putting a silver lining on a dark cloud ahead.

Smiling family (father and mother with their three children) wearing sports jerseys.
Sarah standing with her family after participating in GOAL Jersey Day.

I also don’t know if people realise how much of a difference a gift like this makes. It’s a real positive action you can make right now, without having to do much at all.

Tiernan's Story

GOAL volunteer and proud son, Tiernan Dolan, talks about his parents' last gift and lasting legacy -- building new houses in a very poor area of Uganda.

"I’d taken a picture I had of my parents, from a family wedding, and shared it with the families living in one of the new houses. They hugged the photograph, and yes, there were tears!"

GOAL volunteer and proud son, Tiernan Dolan.