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Coronavirus COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic affects each and every one of us.

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world, with cases in GOAL's countries of operation increasing by the day. Vulnerable communities with already weak and limited healthcare systems, poor resources and scarcity of clean, safe water may soon be overwhelmed. The impact is likely to be devastating - but GOAL is responding.  

Impact on GOAL's countries

Cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in all 13 of our countries of operation. Most are experiencing serious restrictions and different levels of lockdown, depriving already vulnerable people of income. This means families are short of food and money for health services.

The figures are increasing daily. Turkey has recorded over 165,000 cases with over 4,600 deaths. There are over 8,150 cases in Iraq and 250 dead.  In Syria there is huge concern that if COVID-19 gets a grip in Idlib, the consequences will be devastating with more than 3 million displaced people living in an area the size of Co. Galway. And the figures are increasing in Africa.

GOAL is already on the ground working hard to maintain our existing life-saving programmes whilst responding to and mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 at the same time. We have reached more than 9 million to date with important hygiene education, key messaging and the provision of water stations and soaps to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

In the coming days and weeks your support will be needed more than ever as the virus hits across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

COVID-19 Zimbabwe. GOAL raise COVID-19 awareness, share health messaging and distribute hand sanitiser at their food distribution programme in Chipinge district.

How GOAL is responding country by country

East Africa
West Africa
Southern Africa
Middle East
Latin America

GOAL's response in East Africa


In Ethiopia, GOAL has reached over half a million people with messaging around hygiene and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our team there is also supporting Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) systems in high risk communities and health centres. We are distributing water barrels and hygiene essentials to refugee camps in Afar in the north east.

South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the most vulnerable countries in Africa, with very weak health systems. GOAL is distributing COVID-19 messaging across local and national radio. These messages have reached over 13,000 people. GOAL has been working with 71 health centres to implement infectious control procedures which will benefit over 1.1 million people.


In Sudan, we are working with the National Government to distribute information and training materials to more rural parts of the country. We are supporting WASH and infectious control activities across the country. So far, GOAL has ensured that 40 Health Care facilities have had capacity increased to implement infection control procedures to benefit 340,125 people.


In Uganda, GOAL has been disseminating COVID-19 prevention awareness via radio as well as conducting good hygiene demonstrations at local level. These activities have reached over 100,000 people.

GOAL's response in West Africa


In Niger, GOAL is working with community health workers, youth associations and public town criers using a PA system on messaging. As of April 23rd, GOAL teams have started Community Led Action (CLA) training in over 70 villages in the Zinder and Tillabery regions.

Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, we are procuring a variety of health and hygiene products for distribution in various parts of the country. In Freetown we have set up screening stations in health units and supplied hand washing stations, hand sanitizers and soaps and protective equipment through the support of Irish Aid, START Fund and BMGF.

GOAL Sierra Leone is also training healthcare workers, distributing information materials, producing radio information campaigns, and working with cross border communities to prevent cross border transmissions of the disease.

GOAL's response in Southern Africa


In Malawi, we have been implementing COVID-19 response activity across the country, working closely with Government and other humanitarian actors engaged in the response. We have procured a range of protective materials, together with key sanitation items, and distributed these to health facilities and targeted households/communities.   

GOAL has supported the Magoti Mothers’ group in Nsanje District in southern Malawi to expand its sewing circle to start making reusable health masks. The group – which currently sews reusable sanitary pads for disadvantaged teenage girls – plan to make 700 masks, 300 which will be purchased by GOAL. This enterprise will be an extra income stream for the women who are struggling to make ends meet.


In Zimbabwe, GOAL has used national radio stations to provide health and awareness information to over 4.5 million people across the country. GOAL has also reached more than 610,000 people with key COVID-19 messaging using mobile road units in Harare, Chipinge, Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Mutare. In addition, GOAL has reached over 100,000 people with a local awareness poster campaign.

GOAL's response in the Middle East


In Iraq, GOAL has responded in refugee camps providing latrines and handwashing and personal hygiene items. In addition it has provided hygiene items including soap to more than 8,000 households. We have supported the dissemination of COVID-19 awareness and prevention information to 10,281 people and provided 1,700 people with access to clean, safe water.


In Syria, 199,000 people have been reached with COVID-19 awareness and prevention information and distribution of hygiene kits. GOAL is also working with communities to enable the implementation of Social Behaviour Change interventions; strengthening of community referral systems; and facilitation of Community Led Action (CLA) processes. We have adapted the WASH campaign to ensure continuation of water supply to those in Northwest Syria.


GOAL has carried out a survey of refugees in Turkey to better adapt our response to their specific needs. The results show many refugees are not getting the correct information due to language barriers and remote locations. GOAL has been working with these communities to best prepare them with the correct information. So far, our awareness campaign has reached 1,926 people.

GOAL's response in Latin America


In Haiti, GOAL has been training community leaders in Port au Prince in Community Led Action procedure. These include how to properly use personal protection equipment (PPE).


In Honduras, GOAL is working with government and local authorities on door to door awareness campaigns. In La Mosquita region, GOAL has reached 36,000 people via Whatsapp. GOAL is helping local health facilities to coordinate with referral hospitals through data packages and/or online platforms.

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Countries in pale green are where GOAL works.


Covid-19 Statistics

Total Cases:


# of people reached by GOAL 274,110 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 830,693 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 198,482 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 1,216,805 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 722,446 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 354,145 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 230,192 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 1,163 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 1,155,259 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 13,873 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 187,565 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 2,901 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 748,293 in 2020


# of people reached by GOAL 18,787 in 2020

Time is of the Essence

Rapid and well coordinated action is now needed at local, national and global levels to protect the lives of the families and communities we work with.

As the pandemic spikes in the coming weeks and months, it will become much more difficult to reach the affected areas and communities and critically needed supplies will become more difficult to secure.

We are responding quickly to help prepare the most vulnerable people for the spread of the virus. But funding is critically needed to save lives, and GOAL is relying on the generous support of the public to help us in this time of need. A donation to GOAL today will have an immediate impact.

How is GOAL Responding?

Our COVID-19 response draws on GOAL’s extensive experience of emergency health work and infectious disease preparedness and response around the world.

GOAL’s capacity to scale up in the event of a major humanitarian health crisis is built upon the large responses we delivered in response to Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia during the West African outbreak. This included the prevention and control of infection, the set-up and management of Ebola Treatment Units and community engagement responses to improve hygiene and health practices.

Our strategy – building on existing programming, and strong local and national relationships and our global team of 2,500 GOALies – includes:

  • Integrating and increasing key hygiene practices for Coronavirus in our existing humanitarian programmes. We promote hygiene practices already in all our humanitarian programmes, but we will have a special focus on Coronavirus.
  • Providing clean water and promoting safe hygiene and sanitation practices and infrastructure – including access to water supplies, storage containers and handwashing stations to ensure that households can practise appropriate hygiene behaviours.
  • Undertaking social and behavioural change education programmes to increase awareness and understanding of the causes and effects of the virus in communities. This includes rolling out the Community-Led Action approach to trigger communities to develop their own action plans to protect themselves and their families across our 13 countries.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to undertake infection, prevention and control within health facilities.
  • Providing food and other necessities for those affected by the impact of the virus.
  • Supporting GOAL’s humanitarian programmes as we respond to the inevitable disruption and danger caused by Covid-19.

What Can You Do To Help?

You can support the global response to COVID-19 in a number of ways:

  • Practising safe and good hygiene in your own daily routines as well as practising social distancing.
  • Sharing information and guidance from trusted and reliable sources, like the World Health Organisation.
  • Click below to make a donation to GOAL today to support the global fight against COVID-19.

GOAL Global Snapshot

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Number of Cases Worldwide

6 million

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