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Tigray Crisis

Help families fleeing conflict

Help deliver hope to families in Tigray

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people in Tigray are living in dire conditions. Conflict has forced them to flee their homes. They are hungry, exhausted and tramatised.

Conflict between federal and regional forces has devastated the north Ethiopian region.

There is a critical shortage of health services. And there is a growing shortage of food and other basic supplies in overcrowded camps.

Children are suffering from malnutrition and many are in urgent need of medical care.

GOAL is responding, delivering vital nutrition and health support to over 80,000 people.

But the needs are still huge.

We are urgently appealing for donations to help staff to reach more people. As the fighting continues, more and more families are fleeing the region and turning to GOAL for support.

Please give what you can. Because every minute counts for the people of Tigray.

GOALie Alemash assesses children arriving at a GOAL camp for malnutrition

GOALie Alemash assesses the health of a child arriving at GOAL's camp

Haregewoyne's Story:

21-year-old Haregewoyne was forced to flee her home with her seven-month-old son, Biruk, when conflict broke out shortly after his birth.

The secondary school english teacher lived a happy and peaceful life with her husband in Tigray until violence cruelly changed her life.

A week after fleeing she returned to her village hoping to find her husband and parents. But most of the community had disappeared.

Fearful for her safety and the health of her baby, Haregewoyne made the dangerous journey to Mekele, the capital of Tigray, in search of support.

There she found safe haven at a temporary internally displaced persons (IDP) camp set up by a GOAL team in a local school. But her son was showing the signs of malnutrition when they arrived.

Haregewoyne and her young son Biruk in the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp teams have set up in a local school.

“I don’t know how I made it here. I am amazed that my baby survived the journey,” Haregewoyne says.

GOAL teams have provided her with blankets, cooking materials and a hygiene kit. She's also receiving financial support to help care for Biruk.

“Biruk was suffering from malnutrition when we reached this camp. But now he is doing well with the support we are receiving from GOAL”, Haregewoyne says.

As a teacher she says it is ironic that she found safe haven in a school. The classroom is normally home to her students’ curiosity and laughter. It’s now providing hope and refuge for dozens of families like Haregewoyne’s.

Haregewoyne still doesn’t know where her husband and family are. She hopes they are alive and well and that she will be reunited with them soon.

“All we want is peace and to be able to go back home to our former life.”