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Supporting communities in crisis

That's what GOALies do

Helping families in urgent need

Across the Middle East conflict is pushing millions of people into poverty.

In Gaza, Palestinian families are under siege without regular access to food, water and medical care.

Families are lucky to access one meal per day. 1 in 3 children are acutely malnourished. After 7 months of conflict communities in Gaza are now facing famine.

In Turkey and Syria, families have endured 10 years of conflict. Forced from their homes and living in temporary shelters, relying on humanitarian aid to survive. 

Thankfully, with your support, GOALies are working with local communities. Delivering lifesaving aid to families in need.


The news headlines may change but GOALies continue to be there when vulnerable communities need us most;

  • providing nutritious food and clean water to families in urgent need
  • delivering shelter, blankets and heating for people who have lost their homes 
  • providing healthcare and psychosocial support for devastated communities
  • helping families to escape poverty with training and educational programmes

“He brought it all crashing down on me. Everything changed in a day.”

Filiz’s world came crashing down when her husband walked out on her. Leaving her to raise their 4 sons alone.

She worked various jobs to provide for her children – working in the fields, in a factory and as a house cleaner.

Filiz was just about managing when she was diagnosed with cancer.

“Psychologically, I was devastated. My situation was very critical," Filiz says.

Despite her own difficulties, Filiz’s main concern was her children.

“What will they do if I die? As a mother, I needed to strive for my children, I needed to fight for them.” she says.


Filiz embraces her 7-year-old twins Güney and Yusuf

Thankfully, today, Filiz’s medical treatment is going well. But with the treatment taking such a toll on her body she's struggled to provide for her family.

I have been both mother and father to my children. If I didn’t have cancer, I would work at anything and somehow earn a living. But this disease is pushing me hard.”

Fortunately, with the help of generous donors, GOAL’s team in Turkey are supporting Filiz and her family in their time of need.


GOALie Ceylan and her team have been providing Filiz and her family with vital support

Filiz has joined GOAL’s training programme to help her find sustainable work. And while she looks for work GOAL teams are supporting the family with food, clothing and shelter.

“GOAL’s support has been very crucial for me,” Filiz says.

Despite their ongoing challenges, she hopes her children will be able to enjoy the opportunities she missed out on as a child.

“I always tell my kids to finish school and go to university. You need to save yourself. I’m trying to raise them to become the best version of themselves in spite of the poverty.”

GOALie Ceylan, has been working with Filiz and her family in recent months. She’s proud to see the improvement in Filiz’s life.

“When I first met her a year ago, she was lacking the confidence to move forward. But she’s become stronger and looks to the future more fearlessly.” Ceylan says.

"Working with women like Filiz, I relish my work with more excitement and hope.”

GOAL's work in the Middle East with families like Filiz's is only possible with the support of generous donors.


GOALie Ceylan and her team have been providing Filiz and her family with vital support

How You Can Help

GOAL teams are working on the ground with local communities to provide life-saving aid.

With your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need;

  • €20 can deliver thermal blankets to keep a family warm in the bitter cold
  • €25 can provide a family with hygiene kits to help prevent the spread of disease and infection
  • €100 can feed a family of 5 for a month
  • €200 can provide a tent to shelter a family of 5

Impact in Numbers

14.6 million

people supported annually across 14 countries

2.2 million

people reached through emergency response

3.6 million

people accessing sustainable safe drinking water

1.9 million

people provided with food and improved nutrition

We are a family with a common goal: to save lives and create lasting change. To be there when vulnerable communities need us most.

Sahady Mencia, GOAL Honduras