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How Charity Taxback Works

Did you know you can grow your donation by 45%, and it won't cost you a cent more? Once you have given €250 or more in any given year, it takes less than 60 seconds of your time to complete this form.

It costs you nothing and will not affect your tax status. Can you believe that your donation of €250, can grow by €112 or even more? It just depends how much you gave to GOAL in a year!

Simply signing your form means we can do so much more!

New Legislation

And things have been made even simpler, due to changes in the Tax Effective Giving Scheme introduced in 2013. If you fill in your CHY3 tax form, you will not have to complete it again for 5 years.

The form does not commit you to pay anything – it simply enables tax relief if you give €250 or more in any given year.

Your additional income will make such a difference in ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life.

Please take just 60 seconds to complete your form and make a difference that will last a lifetime.

Please return your tax form to the below FREEPOST address. Thank You!

PO Box 19
Dun Laoghaire

How Your Tax Helps

What kind of difference will I make by signing my tax form?

By signing your tax relief form, you can make a huge difference to GOAL's lifesaving programmes. You can help us reach those who really need it!

For example, by growing your donation, you can help improve a child's life!

GOAL's ChildSPACE programmes aim to reintegrate children into society to lead positive lives.

The numbers of children living on the streets in cities like Addis Ababa in Ethiopia are increasing. GOAL is struggling to provide for children who are urgently in need of support.

But your signed tax form could help reunite a child with their family.

You could help a street child through the Family Tracing and Reunification (FTR) process. GOAL is providing counselling to children, tracing their families and providing transport to take them back home.

We are also helping children like, Abdi Kebede from Ethiopia, receiving skills training and employment. Abdi found himself living on the streets when he was just 16 years old. He was vulnerable and scared, but thanks to the support of people like you, Abdi turned his life around and gained the support and guidance he deserved, like every child does.

You can read more about GOAL's Childspace Programme's and Abdi's incredible success story below.

Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of street-living children in urban cities in Africa. There are an estimated 600,000 children living on the streets of Ethiopia.

GOAL began our work with street children in 1990. In order to help and assist these vulnerable children, in 2012 GOAL established our ChildSPACE (Supporting Positive Action for Child Empowerment) programmes in Hawassa and, the capital city, Addis Ababa.

GOAL, through our partners, operate two large Drop-In and Rehabilitation Centres to support children and young people and their needs – immediately and for the future.

Abdi Kebede from Ethiopia, found himself living on the streets when he was just 16 years old. Abdi is the youngest of his family.

He is an orphan having lost both his parents while he was around one year old. He was brought up with his elder brother until he turned fifteen. He dropped out of school at Grade 4. Disharmony with his sister forced Abdi flee to the streets of Addis two years ago.

On the streets of Addis, Abdi faced unprecedented physical and psychological problems; hunger, thirst, coldness at night, lack of shelter and clothing, lack of sleeping place and insufficient sleep in an effort to avoid older boys' abuse. It's unimaginable.

One special day, Abdi heard his friend talking about GOAL ChildSPACE, a programme that works for street children residing in Addis. On 27th August 2014, Abdi went to the centre and got registered.

During his time in the centre, Abdi attended life skill discussion sessions, group and individual counselling sessions and accessed various rehabilitative and therapeutic interventions that responded to his psychosocial needs. The centre also helped him deal with the traumatic experiences he encountered while living on the streets. Abdi said that he was among the fortunate street children to receive protection and support.

After successful completion of the rehabilitation programme, Abdi, through the centre, accessed 5 months vocational skills training on Gypsum work at EMD Construction Finishing Institute.

During his training, he was provided with rented housing and tools to help him start his own living upon completion of training. Due to his remarkable achievement, the institute arranged an employment opportunity at Zamaqus Tile Manufacturing, Interior and Exterior Decoration share Company.

Currently, Abdi is working at GYPSUM Interior decoration department with a starting monthly salary of 1500.00 Birr (€61.00). He is currently living in a rented house paying 400.00 birr (€14.00) month in the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Abdi is very grateful for the support he has been given saying, " now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel." Abdi has a dream to open his own Gypsum workshop in the future.

Have you donated just under €250 this year?

Before the end of the year, you can make your donation worth 45% by pushing your donation to the €250 threshold and enabling GOAL to reclaim tax relief on your donation.

Grow your donation by 45% today and donate below or call our Donations Team on 01 902 9444 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GOAL getting tax rebates on my donations affect the tax I pay?
Not at all. It won't cost you a cent in tax or affect your tax status in any way.
How much is the tax rebate worth?
44.93%, i.e. approx. 45% of your donations of €250 or more. For example, if you donate €250, GOAL can claim €112.33, making your donations worth €362.33 to the GOAL. If you donate €1,000 GOAL can claim €449.30 making your donations worth €1,449.30 to GOAL.
But I pay 20%/41% tax - how can the charity get 45%?
The rate of tax relief for charities is no longer related to the actual rate of tax the donor pays. It is a blended rate of 45% for all donors.
I thought the charity tax rebate rate was 31%?
Yes, the notional rate is 31% of before tax income but, because the donations you make come out of your after tax income, Revenue "grosses-up" to take account of you paying a notional income tax rate of 31%. The gross donation is 100%/(100%-31%) = 144.93% of the net donation, so the tax relief works out as 44.93% of the net donation.
How does GOAL obtain the tax rebate?
After the end of any year in which your donations total €250 or more, GOAL will send you the CHY3 tax form, to complete unless you already completed one for that period. GOAL will then claim the rebate and, when Revenue is satisfied you paid at least that amount in tax, they will pay the charity. Please send the completed form to GOAL, not Revenue.
How much tax do I have to pay for the charity to benefit?
The amount of tax you pay should at least equal the tax rebates that the charity claims in respect of your donations. e.g. if you donated €1,000 to the charity, your tax paid for that year should be at least €449. If not, Revenue will not give a full rebate to the charity.
What if I am an employee or member of GOAL?
The total donations to approved bodies with which you are formally associated which may qualify for tax relief is limited to 10% of your total income for that year - any excess of donations above that to bodies with which you are associated will not qualify for tax relief.
What payments qualify as donations for tax purposes?
Any donations which you paid yourself (not on behalf of or refunded by another party) from which you and people connected with you obtained no tangible benefit (e.g. If you bought raffle tickets, raised sponsorship yourself or sponsored someone to do an event, they would not qualify).
I'm not a taxpayer but my spouse is - can my donations still be tax-effective?
Yes, if you are jointly assessed as a couple.
What if I'm not employed or have a pension?
If you have a pension, investments or any other means on which you pay either income tax or capital gains tax, that's eligible for tax relief.
I'm self-employed/self-assessed - don't I get the tax relief myself?
Since 1 Jan 2013, self-assessed and PAYE taxpayers are treated the same - all tax relief goes to the charity, not the taxpayer. So, while you don't get the relief yourself, your donations to the charity can be worth 45% more at no extra cost to you.
I live outside Republic of Ireland - can the GOAL get the tax rebate?
For the charity to obtain the tax rebate from the Revenue Commissioners, you must reside in Republic of Ireland in the year in question and pay income tax and / or capital gains tax.
I don't like revealing my tax details.
You don't need to. You don't need to tell GOAL how much tax you pay - under the new system, they don't even need to know whether you are PAYE or self-assessed or what tax rate you pay. All GOAL need is your signature and PPS number, which you can find on most tax / social welfare documents addressed to you - the charity will retain this number securely and only for the purposes of obtaining tax rebates on your donations.
Does signing an Enduring Certificate commit me to pay anything to GOAL?
No, the enduring certificate is not a commitment on your part to pay anything - it simply enables the charity to claim tax relief if you donate €250+ in any of the five years covered by the form.
What if I haven't paid tax for the year in question yet but will do?
You can still complete a CHY 3 form anyhow - when you do pay enough tax, Revenue's system will trigger the addition of the tax relief on your donations to its next scheduled payment to GOAL.
What if I do not want to complete an Enduring Certificate?
If you prefer to provide a certificate on an annual basis, GOAL can send you an Annual Certificate (CHY 4 form). However, it is more effective if you complete an Enduring Certificate (CHY 3 form) because it could make your donations over a five-year period tax-effective without the need for any further paperwork.
Can I renew an Enduring Certificate after 5 years?
Yes, and you will be able to do so without further paperwork. It would be helpful if you supplied your phone number and / or email on the CHY 3 form so the charity can contact you about renewal in due course.
Can I cancel an Enduring Certificate?
If you decide later that you do not want the charity to obtain the tax relief, you can cancel an enduring certificate at any stage by contacting the charity.
What about donations I made before 2013?
The scheme was different then. If you were a PAYE-taxpayer and gave €250+ to GOAL in 2012, please complete the old annual form (CHY 2), if you have not already done so. If you were self-assessed in 2012, you can, if you have not already done so, claim tax relief on donations of €250+ per charity at your marginal rate of tax. Claims should be made in your self-assessment tax return by 31 December of the 4th year after you paid the relevant donations.

Remember - completing your tax form makes your donations worth 45% more

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