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Help families devastated by war

Supporting families in urgent need

No child should ever feel hungry, cold or afraid.

But for a whole generation of children in Syria - violence, hunger and suffering is all they’ve ever known.

Millions of children have spent the most important years of their lives living in fear. Years living in tents battling Syria's freezing winters. Years worrying where their next meal will come from.

They still look anxiously to the sky hoping that warplanes won’t be seen today. And they still depend on your generosity.

Thankfully, with your support GOAL teams are on the ground in Syria supporting vulnerable children and families;

  • Distributing food to help families on the verge of starvation in conflict areas
  • Treating young children with severe malnutrition
  • Ensuring vulnerable communities have access to clean drinking water
  • Providing shelter, blankets and safe-haven to thousands of people fleeing conflict

For families in Syria your support can mean the difference between life and death.

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Khaled's Story

All Khaled has ever known is war. His every milestone since birth – his first breath, first word, first steps – have taken place in the midst of violence, conflict and fear.

Khaled lives in Idlib with his Uncle Ibrahim. The entire family of aunts, uncles and cousins live together in a crowded house in Syria’s North West.

Since fleeing their home 12 years ago the family have had to move several times to escape shelling and violence. They're grateful just to be alive.

But with the cost of living rising and employment drying up Ibrahim struggles to put food on the table for his family.

It's heart-breaking for Ibrahim, the family’s sole breadwinner. He has three children of his own to look after, as well as his young nephew.

Khaled looks at an old photo with his Dad
Khaled looks at an old photo with his Dad

“I suffer when my children, especially Khaled, ask me for things I cannot provide,” he says. “At times there has just been nothing, no food, no water.

“Thank God, GOAL is helping us by giving food and helping the village with water and bread.”

With your help, GOAL teams can continue to be there for thousands of children like Khaled. With your support we can save lives in Syria.