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Supporting communities in crisis

Supporting families in urgent need

Across the globe conflict and climate change are pushing millions of families into poverty.

In East Africa communities are being ravaged by the worst drought in over 40 years. In Haiti millions of people are suffering due to food shortages and the outbreak of cholera. Conflict has driven over 13 million people from their homes in Ukraine. Millions more are under siege in Gaza. 


The news headlines may change but with your support GOAL teams continue to be there when vulnerable communities need us most;

  • providing nutritious food and clean water to families in urgent need
  • delivering shelter, blankets and heating for people who have lost their homes 
  • providing healthcare and psychosocial support for devastated communities
  • helping families to escape poverty with training and educational programmes

How You Can Help

GOAL teams are working with on the ground with local communities to provide life-saving aid.

With your support, GOAL teams can deliver essential supplies to families in need;

  • €20 can deliver thermal blankets to keep a family warm in the bitter cold
  • €25 can provide a family with hygiene kits to help prevent the spread of disease and infection
  • €100 can feed a family of 5 for a month
  • €200 can provide a tent to shelter a family of 5

Impact in Numbers

14.6 million

people supported annually across 14 countries

2.2 million

people reached through emergency response

3.6 million

people accessing sustainable safe drinking water

1.9 million

people provided with food and improved nutrition

We are a family with a common goal: to save lives and create lasting change. To be there when vulnerable communities need us most.

Sahady Mencia, GOAL Honduras