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Syria: 8 years of conflict, 8 years of childhood innocence lost


March 13, 2019 • 1 min read


"Once a country with a population of 23 million people, Syria has lost many of its cities, lost 500,000 of its population, and has seen millions of its population displaced following a brutal conflict that has forced people to flee internally and across the border to neighbouring countries. Every region and every single person in Syria has been affected by war and the tragic consequences conflict brings."

Hospitals, schools, playgrounds and childhood innocence have all been destroyed due to 8 years of brutal fighting. For millions of children, the conflict has not only stolen their childhood, but it has affected their long-term physical and mental health as well as their dreams and prospects for the future.

• 4 million children have been born into conflict
• 4.5 million children require humanitarian aid
• 2.5million children, alone, have fled their homes to bordering countries
• The number of underage marriages and child labour figures are constantly rising amid ongoing poverty
• 1.75 million children are out of school in Syria – in Idlib alone, 40% of children have no schooling opportunities

GOAL in Syria

GOAL has worked with families, as large as twenty, who are forced to share tiny dwellings that consist of one room. These dire living conditions are made worse by a lack of heat and water as well as infestations of rats and mice.

• GOAL has 400+ staff on the ground in Syria working daily to support the communities
• In 2018, GOAL supported more than 975,000 conflict-affected people with services across the areas of: food security; water, sanitation and hygiene; and emergency response
• Over 490,000 people received bread daily from GOAL’s bakery and partner network, delivering yeast and flour for bread at stabilized prices
• More than 780,000 people in Idleb can access piped clean water at household level through GOAL’s support to 65 water stations, with over 10 million litres of water pumped annually
• GOAL has been operational in Turkey since 2013, with offices in Ankara, Hatay and Gaziantep. Our programme aims to reach 25,000 Syrian people living in Turkey where we support refugee communities by improving their access to basic services and livelihood opportunities
More than 2 million children in Syria require humanitarian aid