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Supporting families affected by heavy flooding in Colombia: Liliana’s Story


November 4, 2022 • 2 min read

Every year the rainy season brings significant challenges and destruction to communities in rural Colombia. As the impact of climate change grows, local communities are suffering more and more from the impact of flooding.

In response, GOAL has teamed up with Cadena and Help Age International to support families affected. As part of StartNetwork’s StartFund project families are being provided with financial assistance to help them rebuild their lives.

Supporting local families

Liliana’s family is among 199 women who have received vital support, “Thank God for the help. We were able to fix our home which was badly damaged by the heavy downpour here in Mompox,” Liliana says.

“The house had deteriorated a lot. Thanks to the support, we were able to buy materials such as sand, cement, zinc sheets, and repair the house,” she continues.

In total, 310 homes in Mompox have received support as part of the programme. Communities in neighbouring San Jacinto del Cauca, Achí, Magangue and the rural areas of La Boquilla and Barranco de lobas have also received aid.

Rebuilding homes

Thankfully, none of Liliana’s family were harmed in the recent floods.

“My house was completely flooded. Everything inside was lost, but thank God neither my children nor my partner suffered any major damage. Only material losses that can be recovered,” Liliana says.

Liliana and her 5-year-old son in front of their rebuilt home

Fortunately, with the materials Liliana was able to purchase, her family have managed to rebuild their home. The financial assistance provided by the programme has empowered families to prioritise their needs. For many households, like Liliana’s, the support has also helped to put food on the table.

“We are immensely grateful for the magnificent help that they have given us, to these remote communities. They have looked out for us, kept an eye out for us, and helped us a lot. Thank you very much for all your help,” Liliana added.

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