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Looking Back on World Record Breaking GOAL Miles – Eamonn Hickson


December 20, 2021 • 3 min read

by Eamonn Hickson

This time last year, my family and I attempted a number of Guinness World Records to mark the annual GOAL Mile.

Even though it was something we were used to, we had some lofty plans: to set a few world records, all while getting the word out there about how important GOAL’s work and support is to those who need it most.

Record Breaking Miles

It’s great attempting and breaking Guinness World Records, but that wasn’t the reason we took part in the GOAL Mile last year. We got to see the work GOAL does overseas in its effort to improve the lives of millions of people in numerous countries. We complained a lot recently when Storm Barra disrupted our Netflix marathon by cutting our electricity for a few hours. Those who GOAL help would give anything to have such worries.

In 2020, I started training a few months out to crawl the GOAL Mile. I thought I’d be in a good place, considering I hold the world record for the fastest 100m crawl. However, my knees had other ideas. Thankfully, my family picked up the slack and we ended up attempting four Guinness World Records on a wet day in Castleisland, ultimately setting two new records – fastest mile carrying a 60lb backpack and fastest mile carrying a 100lb backpack. There were a few setbacks, including a wet track and bleeding knees. But, a few months later, we got verification of two further Guinness World Records for the extended Hickson family: The Fastest Mile While Carrying a 60lb Backpack and The Fastest Mile Carrying a 100lb Backpack. However, that wasn’t the biggest reward for us—and that’s saying something as we love, love, love achieving Guinness World Records.

Join your local GOAL Mile 

Why We Support GOAL 

Earlier this year, fellow Kerryman Jimmy Deenihan was in Uganda as part of GOAL’s efforts to bring clean drinking water to a rural community. It cost less than €7,000 to provide a sustainable water-source for 434 local people. We thought that was absolutely amazing and served to show how GOAL makes a little go a long way. Seeing the work done by GOAL since its inception is why we helped out last year; seeing the difference events like the GOAL Mile makes, such as helping those living in the Ugandan village of Nyaminyagwe, is why we are taking part again this year.

If you’ve a few minutes this Christmas, get out and do the GOAL Mile. It’ll make a difference. And, you don’t have to try crawl it or carry 100lbs on your back. We’ll be doing our GOAL Mile in Camp, West Kerry in advance of the Christmas period. We’ve decided just to jog this year! To know we helped raise awareness of the GOAL Mile – even if it was just a minor increase – meant a lot to us.

Take part in the GOAL Mile. It’ll improve someone else’s life.

Hickson family from Kerry preparing to break world records.

Eamonn, Jason and Sandra Hickson have a combined 16 official Guinness World Records between them, including the Fastest 100lb Farmers Carry in 24 Hours (50.025km), the Most Plyometric Burpees in One Minute (7) and the Fastest Mile While Wearing Handcuffs (6:37). Nathan, Sandra’s partner, has achieved two records (Fastest Mile Carrying a 60lb/100lb Backpack), while the family has co-ordinated a further four records for friends and family over the past year.