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International Friendship Day: What’s Mine is Yours


July 30, 2019 • 1 min read


"On International Friendship Day, we look at how friendship can lift you up through the most challenging of times. Mitiku and Yeshambel met each other while living on the streets and have supported each other to reach a better place."

Yeshambel, 17, and Mitiku, 18, may not have much but what they do have, they share with each other. They met each other in Addis Ababa at GOAL’s ChildSPACE drop-in and rehabilitation centre that helps street children by providing essential health, sanitation n care and vocational training. Yeshambel explains how both boys were homeless when they met about four months ago and they have been looking out for one another since.
“When we were living on a street, we helped each other. We shared what we had to eat and slept under a single shade.”

The boys are now receiving woodwork training at ChildSPACE which will provide them with valuable skills to help them gain employment. Mitiku talks about how his life has changed since he has come to ChildSPACE and since he has met Yeshambel.
“We were living on a street before but now we have a house. GOAL has helped rent a house for us. When I face any difficulties, we solve them together. We eat and live together. Our friendship is well known.”

While on the streets, the boys would sometimes smoke glue if they were hungry and had no money for food and they agree they had very little respect for people. Looking back now, Yeshamble says the are different people in their old life.
“When we started attending Drop-in-and Rehabilitation centre, we were thinking differently, we started to respect others and changed in so many ways.”

The boys’ friendship started with one small generous act and developed into a strong and lasting friendship. To this day, they still help each other if one is in need.

“I have no words to express our friendship”Other young boys availing of the services at ChildSPACEMitiku and Yeshambel