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Hope and determination – Frenesh’s story


September 17, 2021 • 2 min read

Frenesh lived a happy life with her husband and four children. After tragically losing three children to illness, her two sons (7 year old Ykob and 5 year old Yisaq) and two daughters (2 year old Hagere and 6 year old Metsyet) were a blessing. Frenesh and her husband Hilachew raised cattle and farmed crops on a small patch of land. Life was still a challenge but they always managed to put food on the table for their family. Frenesh was proud that she could provide a warm home for her children where they could sleep soundly and peacefully.

This was all until conflict broke out. Fearing for their lives, Frenesh and her family were forced to flee their village and seek safe haven in Yirga Chefe. Leaving only with the clothes on their back and what they could carry, Frenesh’s family were extremely vulnerable.

Thousands of people internally displaced

Unfortunately, they are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of families like Frenesh’s are in a similar position – homeless and depending on humanitarian aid to survive. Thankfully, the host community in Yirga Chefe town welcomed Frenesh and her family with open arms.

Internally displaced in Yirga Chefe, Frenesh is receiving support from GOAL and our local partners. She struggles with the pain of the past but is building a new life again and is hopeful for the future.

Frenesh and her 2 year old daughter Hagere receiving support from GOAL

Starting a new life

With thousands desperately fleeing conflict in Ethiopia, GOAL is helping families with lifesaving health and nutrition support. With funding from USAID Frenesh and her family are also receiving financial support from GOAL to provide food and basic healthcare for her children.

The support also enabled Frenesh to rent a small home for her family and to save enough funds to start a small business. Planning for the future, Frenesh purchased drinks and snacks to set up her stall.

“People asked me why I opened the business when I had so little money to hand. But I knew that unless I invest it in something for the future, we would spend it all on food and would end up empty handed again.”

Hopeful for the future

Frenesh is grateful for the support of the local community. Her new neighbours are flocking to her small shop. She now earns enough money from her business to provide for her family again.

“I am healthy, and I have skills. What happened to me and others like me is very sad but it’s not the end – we can work hard and start a new and better life for our families.”

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