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Empowering Healthcare Staff in South Sudan: Malual Nyok’s story


November 22, 2021 • 3 min read

Malual Aleu Primary Healthcare Unit (PHCU), with a catchment population of 5,000 people, is one of a number of health clinics GOAL supports in the Abyei region of South Sudan.

In the last year GOAL’s local healthcare unit have immunized 934 children against measles, diphtheria and hepatitis B, among others, representing an immunisation rate of 93%. This success is a result of improved capacity of local healthcare staff and their dedication in implementing the long-standing international Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI). The programme is providing vital protection for South Sudanese children and helping to reduce the child mortality rate in the country.

Malual Nyok’s Story

Malual Nyok, a hardworking 27-year-old vaccinator at the healthcare unit, is the eldest of six siblings. Like many South Sudanese people of his age, Malual did not complete his secondary level education due to his family’s financial situation. This was despite showing a keen interest in his studies and a desire to learn.

In 2018, seeing his desire to learn, the State Ministry of Health (SMoH) invited him to be trained and supported by GOAL to assist in delivering health services to his local community.

Malual was excited by the prospect, as he was able to acquire knowledge to help towards improving health outcomes in his community.

The training was so inspiring and helpful for me,” says Malual. “I gained most of my immunisation knowledge during the training. I am more confident now and ready to execute my responsibilities.

Malual’s training included management of vaccines, updating a daily temperature monitoring chart and tracking immunization coverage. He is also working with Home Health Promoters to motivate people in the community to complete their doses according to their vaccination schedules. He receives regular follow up support from GOAL, to ensure he can affect the change he wants to see in the community.

Malual Nyok administering a vaccine

A Key Member of the Team

Malual has become a key member in the healthcare unit. As well as administering vaccines, he is also conducting routine health education sessions and delivering awareness messaging to community members. He particularly enjoys encouraging parents to bring their children for immunisation

I am always happy to remind the parents about the importance of routine immunisations.  It is my role to inform and encourage them to continue bringing their children during designated periods for routine vaccines. It is really rewarding when we get positive results.

A Dream to Keep Going

My dream is to continue with healthcare studies, to become an EPI supervisor and later a manager in Abyei. I am constantly improving my immunisation knowledge – I want to build on that in the future.

Malual Nyok is appreciative of GOAL and its donors, for supporting his community:

I thank GOAL, Irish Aid and ECHO for improving health services in our community in Malual Aleu. I am also so grateful to the GOAL team for always giving us technical guidance and support during our work.

GOAL is implementing a health system strengthening project in Abyei region, South Sudan funded by EU Humanitarian Aid and Irish Aid. This is done in partnership with Save the Children Netherlands, supporting the South Sudanese Ministry of Health. The programme aims at building the capacity of Ministry of Health staff, including CHD (County Health Department) and local health facility staff, to sustain health service delivery for the wellbeing of communities.

Malual Nyok with mothers and children at a vaccination session