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Empowering Farmers Impacted by Climate Change in Honduras: Belmira’s Story


January 3, 2024 • 2 min read

Belmira is a farmer living in Gracias a Dios, located in Eastern Honduras. Like numerous other farmers in the region, Belmira faced obstacles in accessing essential agricultural resources. The impacts of climate change have made it very difficult for subsistence farmers in Honduras to harvest enough produce to meet their families' nutritional needs. Belmira's yields were often so small that she didn't even have enough produce leftover to sell at local markets, which left her unable to generate any additional income.

Empowering Farmers

To combat food insecurity and malnutrition in Honduras, GOAL teams are empowering farmers by implementing the Humanitarian Assistance Project for Food Security, funded by USAID. Belmira received support in mitigating the impact of climate change on her farming practices, including airtight bags for seed storage, a new roof for her home, climate-resistant seeds, and a barrel to store grains.

Belmira also received training on how to improve her farming practices utilise climate-smart farming techniques that conserve soil. During her next harvest period, Belmira harvested 360 pounds of beans for household consumption.

Transforming Livelihoods

Belmira was empowered to increase her crop yields and improve the quality of her produce, which meant that she was able to provide more nutritious food for her four children and sell her surplus crops for additional income. This has enabled her to become more self-sufficient and resilient when challenges arise that have the potential to disrupt her livelihood, thus reducing the risk of her family becoming food-insecure once again.

“I am so grateful for the support I received through the Humanitarian Assistance Project for Food Security in Honduras,” Belmira said, smiling. “Before the project, my family and I struggled to make ends meet. But thanks to the training and resources I received, I improved my farming practices and increased my crop yields.”

“The project also helped me access markets where I could sell my crops at fair prices, making a massive difference in my family’s income. We can now afford more nutritious food and have more financial stability. The support I received through this project has changed the trajectory of my life and the lives of my family members. I am so grateful to USAID and everyone who worked to make this project a reality. Thank you for helping me to build a more secure future for myself and my family,” she added.