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East Africa Food Crisis


February 28, 2017 • 1 min read

As you read this, 50,000 children are facing starvation.

Over 17 million people in East Africa are currently facing an emergency food crisis.

Drought, shortened and erratic rainfalls and rising food prices have led to reduced crop production and severe food insecurity across the region.

Ongoing conflict has worsened the situation in a number of countries. These include South Sudan, where a famine was declared recently and where more than 100,000 people face imminent starvation in two counties. In fact, some 5.5 million South Sudanese – almost half the population – will not have a reliable source of food by July and are in urgent need of food aid.

In Somalia meanwhile, the current food crisis is on track to become far worse than the 2011 famine that claimed 260,000 lives there. As you read this, 50,000 children in Somalia are facing starvation.

Many millions of people in other countries, such as Ethiopia and Uganda, are also in urgent need of humanitarian support.

GOAL is responding to the East Africa Food Crisis by implementing emergency aid programmes across a number of affected countries.

But we need your help.

To donate to the East Africa Food Crisis, please click on the link below.

Thank you.