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Access to Maternal Healthcare Saves Mother and Child in Sudan Conflict


May 8, 2024 • 1 min read

Salha and her family, displaced by the ongoing war in Sudan since April 2023, found refuge in Debakir village, Rashad locality, South Kordofan. Forced to leave their life in Sudan’s capital Khartoum behind, Salha, her husband, and their five children faced uncertainty and challenges as they settled in the new village.

The impact of conflict on livelihoods and the importance of sustained health systems

Salha’s husband had lost his job because of the conflict, but even though he was working as a daily labourer in the Debakir village, the family struggled to make ends meet. To add to their difficulties, Salha was pregnant with her sixth child when they fled Khartoum.

Luckily, Debakir village had a primary health care facility supported by GOAL, offering free antenatal services to the community.

Following advice from community midwives during routine visits, Salha registered for antenatal care and received crucial support throughout her pregnancy.

Expecting mother Salha in GOAL supported, Debakir village, primary health care facility

Expecting mother, Salha, in GOAL-supported Debakir Primary Health Care.

Supporting displaced mothers with critical antenatal care

The expectant mother benefited from essential reproductive health services, including diagnosis, folic acid and fetal supplements, tetanus vaccines, mosquito nets, clean delivery kits, and Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) services.

Given Salha’s history of cesarean sections, the midwife at the health care facility recommended the same for her sixth pregnancy. When the time came for delivery in mid-March 2024, she was referred to a nearby hospital in Abujebeija.

Despite financial constraints, Salha learned that GOAL had an agreement with the hospital to cover all costs for cases referred to through their supported primary health care centres.

Thanks to the support from GOAL funded by BHA, Salha underwent a successful caesarean section without worrying about expenses.

The procedure, as well as associated costs like meals and transportation, were covered by the generous funding. Salha expressed her gratitude to GOAL, the staff at Debakir Primary Health Care, and the hospital for their invaluable assistance during a challenging time.