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St. Patrick's Festival

Join GOAL NextGen's Mix of Music, Dance, Food & Culture

Join the celebrations on March 16

From music and dance to foodie delights, the St. Patrick’s Festival is a true global celebration of culture. This year, there is something for all ages to explore what it means to be a global citizen.

At GOAL NextGen, we believe arts and culture are instrumental in creating global interconnection. Uniting us as one global community with a shared responsibility for both people and the planet.

Join us on March 16th to celebrate Ireland's diversity and our interconnected world against the backdrop of St. Patrick's Weekend.

  • When: 12 - 5pm, Saturday, March 16
  • Where: Festival Quarter, Collins Barracks, Dublin
  • Cost: This event is free and open to all!

Get ready for an electrifying musical journey at the GOAL Global Stage from 12pm! From the vibrant  Mariachi San Patricio, captivating Bollywood and contemporary dances, infectious beats from Mo Cultivation, dynamic performance by Lapree Lala and the Southside Moves crew and an exciting finale by Cela, who will light up the stage with her chart-topping hit 'Spark'!

Don't miss out on this ultimate celebration of music, dance, and community vibes!

And if you're still looking for more enjoyment, we warmly invite you to join us at the Tigín for a double dose of fun and foodie vibes. You’ll be able to participate in a lively workshop by Aoibhinn O'Dea where we'll dive into the heartwarming origins of welcoming strangers. Followed by a culinary adventure into our food memories and the stories we share through meals with Jennie Moran.

Best part? It's all totally free! So come hungry for fun and leave with a full heart (and maybe a full belly too)!

See you there! 🌟👩‍🍳

Meet the performers


Mariachi San Patricio

Established in 2011, Mariachi San Patricio has been proudly celebrating the great tradition of Mexican mariachi music in Ireland for over a decade.

The name is a nod toward a beautiful coming together of Mexican and Irish cultures, represented by the soulful gritos of Ireland's only full mariachi.

When: 12pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Festival Quarter


Bollywood Ireland Dance Party

The GOAL Global Stage will play host to Dharmendra Bollywood Dance School Ireland for a dazzling display of Bollywood, Traditional Indian Folk and Contemporary Dance, followed by an exhilarating dance party, inspiring audiences to discover their inner dancer.

When: 12:50pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Festival Quarter


Mo Cultivation Live

Mo Cultivation is a community-focused hub that celebrates the very best of urban culture from Ireland and around the world.

This vibrant live show will bring music lovers, DJs and dancers together to host non-stop groovin' singalongs, producing an energetic event with good vibes.

When: 1:55pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Festival Quarter


Afro Dance Workshop with Lapree Lala

Audiences will experience the infectious energy and diverse stylings of afro dance with Lapree Lala and her talented crew from Southside Moves.

Showcasing the best of amapiano, afro house, Ndombolo and more, this vibrant performance is not to be missed.

When: 2:40pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Festival Quarter


Celaviedmai Presents: Who's Next?

Celaviedmai, recognised for her hard-hitting lyricism and incomparable stage presence, has curated a set for the GOAL Global Stage featuring a variety of emerging artists.

The Galway artist will also light up the stage with her chart-topping hit 'Spark'.

When: 3.30pm, Saturday, March 18
Where: Festival Quarter


The Story of Hospitality with Jennie Moran

The Story of Hospitality looks at the origins and customs of welcoming strangers and reminds us that this is at the heart of many of our day-to-day practices. Appealing to all ages, the talk will be activated by use of theatre, courtesy of dance artist, Aoibhinn O’Dea.

When: 2:50pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Tigín @ Festival Quarter


Breaking Bread with Jennie Moran

Breaking Bread is an interactive food heritage workshop delving into our culinary memories, triumphs and disasters and investigating the stories we tell through food.

This event will be preceded by the hospitality workshop, The Story of Hospitality by Jennie Moran. Audiences can choose to attend one or both of these events.

When: 3:55pm, Saturday, March 16
Where: Tigín @ Festival Quarter